AZUBIT - Oct 8, 2019

Finally! The Bachelor thesis is done!

....And my cooperative study programme has also come to an end. Here is a small recap of my thesis and the highlights of the last three years.

You have no idea how happy and proud I am right now! I’ve just printed out the masterpiece which takes up 122 A4 pages, hours of concentration and infinite amounts of peppermint tea. Staring at the pages coming off the office printer I realise that after three months of solid writing, I’ve actually done it.



It started with selecting a department and a topic, followed by meeting and coordinating with the supervisors, then the endless typing until I finally reached the final full stop. I’m so happy to have reached another milestone, but it’s not over yet.

Bound in duplicate, I know have to make my final visit to the DHBW in Mosbach to hand it in. This will not only signal the end of my cooperative studies, but also my time as a Bechtle trainee. That also means my job as a blog-writing, story-posting fair-visiting AZUBIT has also come to an end. I enjoyed every second!



It was great to work with the AZUBIT team. I hope we have manged to motivate a few of you and we are looking forward to hearing your feedback. My (final) highlight was definitely being able to see the class of 2019 start a few weeks ago. It was great to see that you were interested in our presentation and the conversations afterwards were a fantastic compliment to our work


So, there are a couple more things for me to say!

  • #1: If you have the chance to for your traineeship at Bechtle, apply for the AZUBIT Initiative. It opened up a lot of doors for me.
  • #2: A big thank you to the AZUBIT team for the wonderful time which always brought a smile to my face despite the “work”.

I’ll carry on following AZUBIT and I’m excited to see where it goes....


Thank you, AZUBIT Hendrik.

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This post was published on Oct 8, 2019.