AZUBIT - Feb 2, 2020

Have you got what it takes?

by Jens Eimermacher

Today I’d like to give you a deeper insight into my training in my own words.

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Jens Eimermacher
Vocational training: IT Systems Business Manager


The complicated version reads something like this:
IT systems management assistants design and realise customer-specific IT systems solutions. According to Wikipedia :)



I’d define the profession as a commercial IT consultant.

I am in constant contact with customers and it’s essential to have good listening skills. What does the customer want? What are their needs and what opportunities does their IT environment provide? What does a new system, computer or server need to deliver? What is the best solution for this customer and will it be compatible with the legacy but still active systems?

I admit that answering these questions sounds a bit complicated and this could really be the case. To make sure that a perfect solution is found, Bechtle has a huge network of specialists. Whenever I have complex or in-depth questions and can’t find a solution by myself, I can find the right contact person with just a few clicks and after a quick (or maybe not!) call, I’ve got the answer.


Purchasing and delivering the ordered goods is as important a task as their related management for systems management assistants and creating personal offers and calculations can often be a big part of that. If there are issues, a solution has to be found quickly and, within the framework of services, you can also work in project management.

Of course the work is much more varied than I have been able to describe in a few short sentences and your tasks could differ from what I have mentioned if you find yourself in a technical department. I do hope that I have been able to give you a small insight and if you have any questions, feel free to ask.


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This post was published on Feb 2, 2020.