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Interview: Vocational training at Bechtle direct – A look behind the scenes

Sophia and Phil started their vocational training at Bechtle direct in Neckarsulm in the summer in the still relatively unknown field of E-commerce Management. In this interview, Sophia and Phil tell us a little bit about their first few months at Bechtle.

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Vocational training: E-Commerce Assistant


What made you decide to start your vocational training at Bechtle? Bechtle is a large and modern company in an industry that has so much potential for the future. There’s also the fact that the company offers so many opportunities for development, insights into various departments and excellent technical tools. 

What are your favourite subject at school and why? I really enjoy computer science and especially designing and programming websites as well as the legal side of having a website. It’s so much fun to apply what’s been learned in both subjects to practical situations.

Were there any surprises? Yes, that Bechtle is so big and generates such huge revenues.

What surprised you about your training? That everyone was willing to offer their help and support if we had any questions or problems. I was also really impressed that we had the second-year trainees as our mentors and that we were treated as equals. You’re not treated as “The Trainee”, but spoken to as like everyone else no matter if I’m talking to my mentor or a managing director. There has to be a certain level of respect, of course.

How do you think you have grown over the course of your traineeship? We’ve only been here for about six months, but I definitely notice a huge difference in several areas. I’ve learned to maintain an overview and work on projects according to priority. My sales skills have also been given a boost thanks to customer communication and general product marketing and I find it much easier to work under time pressure.


Take a look at the Bechtle AZUBIT Instagram account for a video of the two!

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This post was published on Mar 2, 2022.