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More than just IT - training at Bechtle.

Thinking about starting vocational training to become an IT systems management assistant, but not quite sure yet? I’m Marcel and I’d like give you some insight into my vocational training as an IT systems management assistant, and tell you why it might be just the right choice for you!

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Vocational training: IT Systems Business Manager


I started my training in August 2020 in the Bielefeld System House .  As of now, I’m currently in my second year at one of Germany’s largest IT companies. Right from the beginning of my training, I've received help and support from my team. For example, every commercial apprentice is assigned a mentor who teaches them the basics and introduces them to the processes.

But what does training actually entail at Bechtle in the Bielefeld System House? Our training is divided into different sections where we are assigned to different departments. For me it looks like this:

Sales – At Bechtle Bielefeld, every commercial trainee starts in sales. This is where we learn about our ERP system and get tips on communication with customers. We also process orders, create individual offers for our customers and perform maintenance of custom portfolios.

Total quality management – Process optimisation and quality control are central topics here.  Total Quality Management (TQM) deals with the following questions, for example:  “How do I optimise business processes?”, “What do I have to consider when processing personal data?”. Or “What does occupational safety look like in the company?”

Internal IT – As entailed in the name, the IT systems management assistant is specialised in IT systems. But in order to “sell” we need expertise behind the technology. Even without prior knowledge, you start learning vital things from the beginning of the training.

We get to disassemble hardware, put servers into operation, accompany technicians on customer visits, and even gain insights into administration of an operating system.

Service management – IT service. This word probably best describes service management (SM). In SM we learn how offers for IT services are created. We also gain insight into contract management and contract negotiations with our clients. For such customer situations, presentations are usually prepared which are then presented to the customer. We then have an exchange with the customer to try and win them for Bechtle. It can be a big challenge to get on the same page with the customer, but the effort is worth it.

Accounting – Put simply: “No invoice = No money”. Here you are not only shown how to create and send an invoice, but you also get to see large parts of the bookkeeping. Accounting also works closely with Sales to process returns and post credit notes, for example.

The training will give you a step by step walk-through—regardless of your IT knowledge. Give training at Bechtle a chance and look forward to many exciting experiences with us!

I look forward to meeting you! Maybe for training in Bielefeld?

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This post was published on Apr 14, 2022.