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My first impression of E-Commerce.

by Luca Walouch

It had finally come. The first day of September 2021 and thus also the starting pistol for my training as an e-commerce assistant at Bechtle direct, which now lay ahead of me. Admittedly, I was a bit nervous.

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Luca Walouch
Vocational training: E-Commerce Assistant


After all, I was used to sitting in a classroom day in and day out for the last few years, working towards my A-levels. And so there I was, in a smart new suit and just a few metres from the main entrance at Bechtle Platz 1 in Neckarsulm. I took another deep breath before entering the premises.

Of course, after the application process, I was informed about the process of my upcoming vocational training. Nevertheless, what awaited me on my first days surpassed any imagination. First of all, I got to know the other trainees, then we were introduced to our trainer, who in turn handed us over to our mentors after a short tour of the building. Even though I had been here for less than a full hour, I had not the slightest doubt that I had chosen an outstanding, forward-looking and, above all, employee-friendly employer.

Together with my mentor, we then set up my own workplace. I was given my first insights into my future area of responsibility and felt myself taking on more responsibility day by day. After only a few days, I had already met numerous employees from different departments and regions. At the trainee-for-trainee event, we spent a whole day with the second-year trainees, who were able to give us another look from a completely different perspective. Even the managing director of Bechtle direct took the opportunity to give us an hour of his time, giving us the chance to ask questions that some others might not have been able to answer.
I was starting to really feel the Bechtle philosophy. Integrity, reliability, determination, inspiration. These are the points that set Bechtle apart from other companies. Here, everyone is greeted by everyone, no matter if it’s the cleaner or the service staff. Even though I’m only at the beginning of my time at Bechtle, I’m sure that I can look forward to a great time, a relaxed yet professional working atmosphere and, above all, a functioning and reliable team. After just one week, I could proudly report all this to my family and friends. I couldn’t have imagined that working could be so much fun.

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This post was published on Feb 10, 2022.