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My vocational training.

After finishing high school, there are a lot of options open and I chose to start vocational business training at Bechtle. Carry on reading to find out why I decided to join Bechtle and how my training has been going so far.

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Vocational training: Office Management Assistant


I decided to study to become an office manager with a focus on HR and accounting. Why these subjects? I would say that HR is never dull or monotonous because of the wide-range of topics they have to deal with. Alongside the every day work, there is always something new, interesting and challenging that comes up. The accounting part of the course will take place at the Bechtle location in Gaildorf.

My training kicked off with me meeting my colleagues in the HR department, where I felt right at home from day 1. I was impressed that, even as a trainee, I could be on first name terms with my colleagues from the off. It also made me feel a lot more at ease because a big open-plan office can be quite intimidating, especially as a young adult just starting out. During the first couple of months I attended two training seminars where trainees from all over Germany get together and share their experiences—they were so much fun! These seminars are a great introduction to the world of work with the one on telephone communication being especially helpful for me, as it was quite challenging at the start to overcome my inhibitions and talk to people I didn’t know. It gave us all useful tips on how to converse naturally on the phone and it definitely helped me feel more confident.

Overall, Bechtle is a company that doesn’t just leave its trainees to fend for themselves, but helps them develop and grow. And while we are on the topic of growth, that’s another reason I decided for Bechtle. In summary I can wholeheartedly say that Bechtle was absolutely the right choice. I am accepted, respected and feeling confident about what the future holds.

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This post was published on Dec 15, 2020.