AZUBIT - Aug 12, 2022

Our Summer Fest at Bechtle IT System House Mannheim: A boat ride along the Neckar past scenic Heidelberg.

by Bünyamin Cephaneci

Expectations were high for the 400 employees of the IT System House Mannheim. The yearly Summer Fest could finally take place after a long break. The focus was on talking and meeting colleagues. Due to the corona pandemic these kind of company events, including the Christmas party in December at the IT System House Mannheim could no longer take place.

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Bünyamin Cephaneci
Vocational training: IT systems management assistant


Upon arriving in Heidelberg several of my colleagues were already there. We talked and looked forward to the upcoming boat trip. I hadn’t seen many of my colleagues for several weeks.

Boarding began at 18:00 and once we got on-board we had a toast with champagne for all our years together at Bechtle. Once we were all seated and drinks were served, we were ready to start.

Then Mr Stephan Mauer, our Managing Director, held a speech and mentioned our excellent successes from the past year. As one of Bechtle’s 80 IT System Houses, in 2021, we successfully sold our IT solutions to our customers #zukunftsstark. These are the successes you should celebrate. We were then told to help ourselves to a large buffet with tasty delicacies and given the time to converse about exciting projects and future tasks.  

Entertainment was provided, with a DJ who played the latest smash hits all evening. After 20:00 some tasty cocktails were served at the ship bar.

Another highlight was the view of the historical town of Heidelberg from the deck of our ship. Everyone was in a good mood and the atmosphere was very relaxed.

The event went on until after nightfall and I met a lot of very nice new colleagues, which was fantastic. The Summer Fest was a huge success in every sense.

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AZUBIT Bünyamin

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This post was published on Aug 12, 2022.