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Review: 34 weeks at Bechtle as an IT Specialist.

by Sebastian Gehring

The first eight months of my training to becoming an IT Specialist for Systems Integration just flew by. In this blog, I’ll talk about my experience, what I do, and what I’ve learned so far.

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Sebastian Gehring
Vocational training: Computer Science Expert – System Integration.


I’m 22, a trained wholesale/retail salesman, and I realised pretty early on during my first vocational training—also at Bechtle—that IT is my thing. At the time, when hardware was causing headaches, I was often asked to help, and I really enjoyed doing it, too.

When I eventually decided to become an IT specialist for systems integration, I knew right away that I was already in the right place. Why? Because my experience at Bechtle was super professional, exciting, and varied, too. Plus, Bechtle is not merely a revolving door for students and trainees; for Bechtle, you’re a keeper. 

During the first four months of my training, I was working in On-site Support. Not only was I welcomed into the department with open arms, it’s also where I learned the ropes of installing and configuring PCs. On-site Support are the go-to people for the 2,500 odd people here at the campus in Neckarsulm, deploying employee phones, laptops and tablets, installing software, enrolling devices and making sure everyone can access Bechtle’s internal platforms. At the moment, I’m co-manning the Service Desk. The team is made up of several specialist groups for various areas, such as Mobile Device Management (MDM). The Service Desk provides support not just for people working here in Neckarsulm, but for all Bechtle employees across all sites.

They call us when they run into a problem with their PC, phone, or a specific application, and we’re troubleshooting the issue. How do we do that?

We’re using remote support software to access the users’ hardware so we can analyse the problem and find the root cause and solve it as if we were there. In May I’ll move on to Directory & Automation, and I’m super curious about what I’ll be doing there. Are you interested in becoming an IT Specialist for Systems Integration and want to find out more about it? Just scan the QR code and I’ll keep you in the loop on my training.

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This post was published on Apr 29, 2022.