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On the home straight – Closing in on becoming a qualified IT systems management assistant!

Hi everyone! My name is Marc and I’m coming to the end of the three-year traineeship as an IT systems management assistant at Bechtle Neckarsulm. Read my blog to get a look behind the scenes of my traineeship and find out about my experiences at Bechtle.

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Vocational training: IT Systems Business Manager


What’s happening in the last few weeks of my traineeship?

Just like my fellow trainee, Justine, I sat the final exams in business administration, German, IT systems technology, and system development at the start of May 2022. They went really well! Now I’m just preparing for my project assignment for the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. But what does the oral exam actually involve? Together with my department, I found a suitable topic and wrote about it to submit it to the CIC in Heilbronn. During my oral exam, I’ll present the topic again and then answer the examiner’s questions.


But why am I telling you this now?

A traineeship at Bechtle is a labour of love. What does that mean? At the end of your training, Bechtle helps you to sail through your exams with flying colours. There are many preparation courses that get you ready for the impending exams—and all free, of course! The courses last for at least 1-2 working days.


Looking back over the last three years, I can say with certainty that my traineeship has been great. Right from day one, the team spirit and the training supervisors’ readiness to help are palpable. Mutual support and working as equals are the order of the day right from the start. After you’ve attended the introductory MIKADO, you’ll meet your department where you’ll work for the first four months or so. Every four months you’ll change department to learn how as many place in Bechtle work and also take on tasks yourself in these areas. Of course, you’ll also meet new people and broaden your network of contacts. Additionally, I also took part in events aimed at students such as the school fair in Möckmühl last month. 

But what did my training consist of?

As an IT systems management assistant, I’ve worked in the following departments:

  • Client Repair Service
  • Sales
  • Administration
  • Project and Service Management
  • Bechtle Internet Security Service.

My main focus was on advising our customers on the purchase of various IT products as well as resolving technical issues, but I was also involved in hardware and software procurement as well as analysing customer needs.


Want to find out more about the job? Then took a look at our training portfolio videos!

The 2023 academic year will fast be upon us, so get your application in now.



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This post was published on Jun 13, 2022.