AZUBIT - Aug 1, 2022

The Study Workshop – Far more than just a traineeship

by Leo Englert

Every few weeks, we trainees come together at Bechtle Platz 1 to meet up, get to know each other, and above all learn from each other. The study workshop, besides offering classic training in the departments and for school provides the trainees with knowledge, skills and practical experience.

Written by

Leo Englert


Our study workshop consists of different modules that cover various topics such as hardware basics, IT security and the basics of programming. They're aimed not only at IT systems integration specialists, but also trainees in IT application development. In a one to two week course, the trainees of both career paths get to know each other as well as the content of their traineeships. During our traineeship, we trainees visit the Bechtle Study Workshop for eight different modules.

The modules are led by external lecturers and Bechtle experts who deliver the content with a great deal of detail and passion. Sometimes I was astounded to hear what the beginnings of the PC, the internet and IT security were like and how much our world of IT has changed (for the better!).

At the end of every module the trainees hold a presentation for the lecturers, which serves to demonstrate what they have learned. This also develops greatly-needed skills, as being able to impart knowledge and share ideas is more important than ever before in the agile world IT that Bechtle belongs to.

What’s the Study Workshop’s purpose?

The Study Workshop offers a whole arsenal of new and relevant knowledge that will help us in our Bechtle jobs once we’ve finished our traineeship.

Another advantage is that we’re far ahead of the other non-Bechtle trainees at school. We’re somewhat better prepared for the IHK exams than them too. I, for example, have finally understood how subnetting works, which I had trouble with at school, proving that a study workshop is a helpful an addition to what we learn at school.

What’s also helpful is our teambuilding which is constantly put to the test in shared projects. Where would we be without the skill to coordinate, plan and motivate each other? – For example, in the course Programming Basics, where we were given the task of programming the game hangman. In the beginning we thought about what the interface should look like, what logic the project will require etc. We ended up helping each other with programming and hence managed to solidify our knowledge. In the end there was a presentation where each team introduced its project.

Another one of our projects was about programming a little 3D solar system in OpenGL, which included a tiny “Bechtle planet”. The project was a creative challenge. We were able to show what we're capable of and the effect of good teamwork.

But learning together not only improves expertise but also relationships with other trainees.  Talking to each other is much easier in the Study Workshop since we are divided into different areas of expertise. In the study workshop, we have time to talk about the jobs we are training for and what we're learning. In the breaks we go and have a meal together in our piazza or get a coffee in the break area. There are no borders between us trainees, in fact, we can easily talk about a whole range of things.

When is the Study Workshop planned to finish? 

Soon we’ll be allocated a project that will mark the end of the Study Workshop.  In this project we'll be able to demonstrate the knowledge that we have gathered, in a solo project for our vocational training. I’m looking forward to the project and the challenge, the presentation at the end and all of our creativity.


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This post was published on Aug 1, 2022.