AZUBIT - Jun 30, 2022

AZUBI camp: The highlight for every Bechtle trainee!

by Sebastian Gehring

Every trainee talks about it—wonderful days together with an enormous amount of fun and a vibrant programme of seminars and team-building measures. What am I talking about? The Bechtle AZUBI camp!

Written by

Sebastian Gehring
Vocational training: Computer Science Expert – System Integration.


At the beginning of the training, in the AZUBI Mikado, you are told that a camp will take place where you meet with many other trainees from all over Germany in Neckarsulm at the Welcome Hotel or in Weinsberg at the Hotel Rappenhof to spend a few days together.

But what was my personal AZUBI experience like? May 2022: I packed my bags and off I went to the exciting event for all of Bechtle’s trainees.

After arriving at the Hotel Rappenhof, things unfolded very quickly. Our trainee manager, Maren Gluns, gave us a warm welcome and went through the coming days’ agenda. As an icebreaker, we played some teambuilding games to get to know each other. Our first seminar was on the topic of “How to deal with social media” and took place after lunch. Here we looked at our social media profiles and were given our first task for the week where we were supposed to pick something from several topics related to our training at Bechtle and create a podcast or video about it. After dinner, all of the trainers and trainees sat down together and reflected on how we each felt the training was going.

The next day, after breakfast, we started with the first seminar of the day. The topic was “My workstation”, and we learnt a lot about self organisation, with the aim being to plan your own working day more effectively and productively in order to have more time for the essentials.  It was helpful that we were able to design the tasks interactively and playfully together with our trainers. After lunch, we went to a seminar where we were taught about conduct and first impressions in everyday work. With the help of a quiz, we quickly found out how well versed we were in the topics of impressions, image and body language. We learned a lot about how to hold appropriate conversations, as well as communication and business networking.

But how do you behave at a business dinner? That was an exciting question that we had to solve over the two days. Because on the second evening of the trainee camp, a business dinner was on the agenda. It was really an unforgettable highlight of my AZUBI camp!

In the seminar, we learned how to dress for such occasions, and the appropriate etiquette—what do I actually do with all the glasses and cutlery and how do I use it at all?

And were then spoiled with a 4-course meal. The dinner served as a special conclusion to a varied and exciting day, which we reminisced about while enjoying the good food and interesting conversation. On the last day, we had to present the podcasts we’d recorded. We talked about the training at Bechtle in Neckarsulm, about our unis and about our first experiences

over the first 6 months of our training. After three eventful days full of new things and getting to know new colleagues, it was time to go home.

In short, it was a great week that was over far too soon. Even a few weeks later, you still enjoy looking back on that wonderful time when you bump into your fellow AZUBI camp members as colleagues in the office. I would like to thank everyone who made my AZUBI camp so unforgettable for me!

Looking to join the AZUBI community at Bechtle? Then register on for the coming 2023 trainee year! See you there! 


AZUBIT Sebastian.

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This post was published on Jun 30, 2022.