AZUBIT - Sep 11, 2020

Traineeship finished? Not ready to quit learning?

by Dimitri Schneider

Did you know that you can start an integrated degree programme at Bechtle after completing your traineeship? That’s exactly what Laura and I decided to do and today, we’d like to tell you why.

Written by

Dimitri Schneider
Dual-study programm: Bachelor of Arts – Commerce


I completed my training to be a warehouse logistics expert in 2016 and am now in the fourth semester of my degree in business administration with a major in supply chain management and logistics. Laura’s training as an office management assistant ended in July and in October, she’ll start an integrated degree programme in business administration service management majoring in human resources.

It was always my intention to continue with an integrated degree after finishing my training, but as this wasn’t possible with the degree I have from the university of applied science, I had to do sit a Delta exam which tests a person’s aptitude for studying with a variety of tasks ranging from mathematics to understanding matrices. If you pass the exam, you can begin your integrated degree programme.



Laura had exactly the same goal as she had spent a month in the People Development department during her traineeship, enjoying it so much that she wanted to study the topic further. As Laura had already completed her A-Levels, she could start her integrated degree programme without having to sit the Delta exam. Before being accepted as a student, there is, of course, an interview.

If you have already completed a traineeship at Bechtle, you have a very good chance of being accepted on an integrated degree programme as you already have experience and some inside knowledge of the company. If you have any questions, get in touch!


Best wishes,

AZUBIT Dimitri & AZUBIT Laura

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This post was published on Sep 11, 2020.