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Important information on applying to Bechtle under the current circumstances.



We have many positions up on our job portal, and we want to fill them.

We are taking the current situation very seriously and want to safeguard the health of our employees as well as all applicants, and this is why the majority of interviews are now being conducted over the phone or as video calls. Of course, applicants will receive details on how to connect with us so there’s enough time to prepare.


Here are the most frequently asked questions about our current application process answered.

FAQ about the current application process.


    1. Can I still submit an application at the moment?

    2. Of course, and we’re looking forward to hearing from you. We are looking to fill all of the vacancies listed on our website as planned.


    1. How will you conduct the interview?

    2. In the interests of your health and that of our employees, we are now conducting the vast majority of interviews over the phone or via video call. We’ll let you know exactly how nearer the time.


    1. What software do you use for video interviews?

    2. This varies depending on the department and Bechtle branch, but most interviews will use Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex, both of which do not require you to sign up to use them. You can dial in via your browser as a guest.


    1. What are the technical requirements for a video interview?

    2. All you need for a smooth interview is:
    • A PC or laptop with a webcam. Alternatively, you can use a smartphone or tablet.
    • A stable internet connection.
    • Headphones or a headset with microphone, depending on your environment.
    1. I do not have the equipment for a video interview. Will I still get an interview?

    2. Of course! Just let us know in advance and we’ll interview you over the phone.


    1. What should I do to prepare for a video interview?

    2. The following points should help you best prepare:
    • Check that your technology is all working beforehand (internet connection, webcam, audio, etc.)
    • Find a quiet environment where you won’t be disturbed.
    • Check what your camera is capturing before the interview starts and make sure you can be clearly seen. Check that the lighting conditions are adequate (not too bright or too dark).
    1. I’ve already had my first video or phone interview. What happens next?

    2. We will evaluate the interview and let you know of how we will proceed. We kindly ask you to bear in mind that this may take longer than usual due to the current situation.


    1. I’m about to join Bechtle. How will I begin?

    2. First of all, we’re looking forward to meeting you! Our two-day orientation event is currently on-hold, but we’re still finding ways to make sure you’ll find your way around right from the start. The onboarding process is happening now mostly virtually via Microsoft Teams or Cisco Webex.
    3. Please get in touch with your Bechtle contact in advance to get answers to all your important questions about your first days at Bechtle. And then you’ll be good to go.


    1. Have questions?

    2. If you have more questions, feel free to call us on +49 7132 981-4321 or e-mail us at


    We look forward to hearing from you in our job portal. Stay safe!