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Hit the ground running.

Fresh out of university or vocational school, there’s nothing you can’t achieve at Bechtle, with an amazing breadth of diverse positions, great ways to keep learning, and a culture that encourages people to work their way.

With tailored onboarding and your dedicated mentor by your side, you’ll quickly get to grips with your new job and fly through your first weeks at the company.

You’ll take on responsibility right from the start, working with modern technology in the midst of a highly motivated team.

There’s a host of exciting job opportunities in a great variety of different fields:

  • IT (support services, systems engineering, consulting, administration etc.)
  • Account management
  • Project management
  • Central units (product management, marketing, finance and controlling, human resources etc.)

Look forward to many attractive perks and benefits such as flexible working hours, mobile working, health and wellbeing programmes, and great employee events.

We place great importance on giving each employee opportunities to develop and up their game through the Bechtle Academy, with a broad selection of seminars and events to help them fine-tune their professional and personal skills, and learn many new things, too. Here to take the lead? Bechtle’s Junior Management Programme – JuMP for short – supports up-and-coming leaders on their journey and equips them with the tools they need to shine in their new role.

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Applicant Management

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Phone: +49 7132 981-4321


When Juliane joined Bechtle, she soon discovered that she’s craving more responsibility. She talked about her wish to take the reins with her manager, and eventually got a slot in Bechtle’s Junior Management Programme. Today, she’s been with Bechtle for five years and leading a team of ten.

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