The Bechtle Trainee Programme.

Gain professional experience, valuable insights into the IT industry, and access to a professional network – all this plus a very high chance of landing a great job with excellent development opportunities.

Our nine-month Trainee Programme is aimed at graduates and applicants from other fields looking for a new challenge in IT.

The programme kickstarts in April every year, with a second opportunity in October, if there’s sufficient interest. It consists in equal measure of theoretical and practical modules, with four fields to choose from:

  • Account management – enterprise
  • Account management – public sector
  • Service
  • Central units

As you progress through the various modules, you will benefit from the expert knowledge of experienced colleagues, gain deep insights into the way we work and start building your professional network through a great mix of presentations, team building events, field trips, and a diverse range of training courses and seminars to develop your personal and professional skills.

Right from the start, our trainees are given lots of responsibility, supporting customers and working on projects. And your personal mentor will be at your side to answer your questions and provide regular feedback.

What better way to get your foot in the door? Not only that, the online employment platform ABSOLVENTA has recognised it multiple times as a career-enhancing and fair opportunity for up-and-coming professionals.

Find out more about the programme and read what former trainees have to say here.

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Anne-Marie Dillerup

Trainee Programme

Phone: +49 7132981 4293


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