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How Bechtle are you?

How do we see ourselves? Typical qualities that characterise your future colleagues. If this is you too, and you have the right qualifications, Bechtle is the place for you. Ask yourself:

At Bechtle, we are better together.

We are team players working closely together across many locations to find the best solution for our customers—in fixed or changing groups, in small or large teams depending on the task and project. We respect and support each other. Nobody is on their own here. We also treat one another as equals and commit to the best solution—regardless of who proposed it. Even if it is difficult sometimes! Authority comes from the power of persuasion, not just from a title on a business card.


Modern IT results in networking. Collective intelligence accomplishes more than the brilliant minds of individuals. That’s why Bechtle has over 40 Competence Centres providing specialist expertise. We systematically collect our experience from thousands of IT projects so that we can all benefit. And we come together from all over the world at numerous events and exchange ideas on the topics of the future—as employees and with our customers and partners.


Independence is important for me. At Bechtle I can get things done! And there’s always someone supporting me.


We’ve now been working together for 6 months on a project and we’ll get together again for the next one.


Two of us take care of one vendor partner. They know that one of us will always be there for them.

What is Bechtle’s employer promise?

Do you recognise yourself in who WE are? Then the only thing that’s missing is the right job at Bechtle.