Application tips.

Our employees give you useful tips for your start at Bechtle. Starting with tips on job selection, a convincing application and a professional appearance at the job interview. 



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Regine Viehofer, Bechtle AG



Pay attention to the quality of your documents. It looks unprofessional if the documents were taken with a bad mobile phone camera or even scanned at an angle.


Maria Hirsch, Bechtle Onsite Services



Always be authentic. If you play a role or pretend to be, you will lose credibility. So be open and honest and act like you are.


Jochen Rummel, Bechtle IT system house Neckarsulm



Show your added value for Bechtle in the job interview. Nowadays, it is not only specialist knowledge that is convincing, but also that you can look beyond your own nose.


Tanja Fuhrmann, Bechtle AG


Take on new challenges. There are always new frontiers to be explored, which can be crossed.


Senad Kryeziu, Bechtle IT-Systemhaus Aachen

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