Professional development.

Bechtle is a place where great people accomplish great things.

Challenged and supported—right from day one. Our numerous seminars and training courses in both personal and professional areas will prepare you for the future-facing IT industry.

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What to expect.

Personal and professional training. 


Room for individual growth.


The perfect environment to develop your potential.

General training.
Bechtle Mikado
It all starts with Mikado.

Mikado is your very own introduction at the company headquarters. This onboarding event teaches you all you have to know about Bechtle in two days—be it departments, services but also the company’s goals. This provides you with a platform to talk and network and will help you take your first steps at Bechtle. 

Weiterbildungsangebot für alle
For everyone – The Bechtle Academy.

The Bechtle Academy offers every employee—from trainee to manager—a broad palette of options for their professional and personal growth. With over 100 seminars, plenty of webinars and extensive e-learning courses on specialist topics, communication and social skills, working methods and techniques, management and leadership and much more.

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Maximised potential and guidance.

We support professional development, recognise potential, and allow the freedom to be creative and play to your unique strengths. We do so while paying attention to our employees’ needs and personal development plans, helping them every step of the way. You will receive support and support others—it’s a give and take.

Offers for vocational students.
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Ready for the world of work with the Bechtle Azubi Camp.

For most of our trainees, it’s the highlight of their training—the Bechtle Azubi Camp in year one. Together with around 20 other trainees and dual students from throughout Germany, you’ll go through three days of action-packed, intensive training. For this, you’ll be boarded in a business hotel in the Heilbronn region—all expenses paid. The purpose of the training? You’ll network with other trainees from different locations to prepare you for your roles at Bechtle through seminars including on time and organisational management, social media skills and tips and tricks for starting your career.

Bechtle Lernwerkstatt
Get your hands dirty – The Bechtle Study Workshop.

The Study Workshop at Bechtle Platz 1 is for our technical trainees. Over the course of a year, this is where they work on eight modules structured in exciting projects on PC/servers/storage, network, security, virtualisation, clouds and much more. This way, they can integrate their knowledge into their everyday routine and gain practical experience in their first customer projects.

Full coverage – Ranging from IT to communication skills.

Our trainees benefit from a great range of workshops and seminars. This includes classic workshops on IT such as hardware and software basics but also basics such as making professional telephone calls or presentations. We also help our trainees when it comes to preparation for exams with various workshops. 

Personal mentor.

Trainees will be matched with their very own mentor who will help them make their first steps, and not only introduces them to their tasks at the company, but also serves as a mediator between them and colleagues and teaches them the company philosophy and processes.

Providing perspective.

There are good chances to join us long-term after the training. Right from the start, we show you various entry options. giving you the opportunity to check out different sectors and departments. You’ll find out where your strengths lie and which career opportunities lie in store. Ultimately, you will know what you enjoy and which sector your talents will blossom in the most meaning there’s nothing in the way of a successful career at our company.

Offers for university students.
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Part of a whole – Bechtle Student Community.

During your time at Bechtle, you can expect special benefits such as in-house student get-togethers, a relaxed evening event and your own mentor for all questions regarding your future career at Bechtle. It’s easy for you to meet and share information with students from other departments and build up your Bechtle network.

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Exclusive programme for students – Be connected.

Our extensive networking events and workshops will help you stay connected until the end of your studies. You will also receive your very own mentor from our recruiting team for all your questions regarding your career at Bechtle. And, if everything goes according to plan, you might even be able to join us after your studies.

Offers for career starters and professionals.
Bechtle Traineeprogramm
For the perfect career and lateral start.

Our trainee programme is aimed at graduates and career changers looking for a new challenge and interested in the IT business. Right from the start, you are given plenty of responsibility supporting customers and working on projects, and you will have your own personal mentor at your side who can answer all of your questions and give feedback. What better way to get your foot in the door. Not only that, the online employment platform ABSOLVENTA has recognised our programme multiple times as a career-enhancing and fair opportunity for up-and-coming professionals.


For individual career paths.

Here at Bechtle we place a great emphasis on your individual and professional development. This is why we offer our employees a variety of development measures that they can use together with their leader to create their own individual development plan. 
There are over 100 trainings you can choose between from the Bechtle Academy or the digital Learning Campus. 
With our part-time studies, our employees get the opportunity to achieve an academic degree and to broaden their knowledge.

For future experts.

The expert career model is perfect for experienced employees that want to develop with Bechtle. Specially developed programmes such as the IT Business Architect Programme or the Bechtle Consultant Programme support further professional qualification. JUMP Expert is the perfect preparation for a further expert career. We also offer IT certificates in conjunction with our manufacturers, along with vendor-neutral certifications in project management, such as ITIL and PRINCE2, through our seminar portfolio.

For leaders and those who want to become leaders.

Whether you’re an employee with leadership ambitions or a leader planning to take your next steps—our development programmes prepare colleagues for whatever comes next. JUMP Leader for example is all about leadership tools and techniques that prepare employees optimally for their leadership role. The General Management Programme (GMP) has its focus on overarching management skills, with the aim of being able to take on responsible leadership positions. Individual coachings and mentorings complete the offer.


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