pluscloud open – The data sovereign open source cloud in Germany.

Enjoy a European level of data security and independence from individual vendors.

plusserver is the leading German multi-cloud data service provider. In a unique way, we combine our own cloud solutions with the offerings of hyperscalers to create your individual managed multi-cloud. This means our customers are always provider-independent, retain control over their data and maintain their ability to innovate. GDPR compliant and certified data centres in Germany have to fulfil strict data security and data protection requirements. pluscloud open is an open source cloud, entirely based on the Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS). This is part of the European cloud project Gaia-X, which aims to enable digital independence in Europe.

plusserver and Bechtle

pluscloud open is now available from Bechtle

Together, we provide companies with cloud solutions that enable the highest data sovereignty and independence. With the pluscloud open offering, Bechtle is well placed to help customers with especially high requirements in terms of data security and compliance in an even more targeted way. Additionally, pluscloud is a basis for realising hybrid or multi-cloud projects which combine the variety of a range of cloud services with the benefits of German data storage. This allows you to use the optimum infrastructure for every workload—from sensitive, business-critical data or as a flexible and efficient test and development environment. Both the classic pluscloud (based on VMware) and pluscloud open (based on OpenStack) can be directly provisioned via the Bechtle Clouds Marketplace. There is also the option to free up your own IT with a managed services offer for cloud operation.

An overview of pluscloud open.

What does a cloud on a Sovereign Cloud Stack basis mean for your company?



Thanks to open source, you are not tied to vendor-specific technologies and fully retain the freedom to choose. In addition, the pluscloud open is auditable down to the source code.


Data privacy

As the pluscloud open meets the requirements of the European General Data Protection Regulation, your data is at least as secure as in your own data center.


Ready for the future

Leverage a complete and comprehensive cloud stack where you can operate all your services in the cloud in a future-proof manner.


Freedom of movement

pluscloud open enables complete portability of your data and applications to other environments.



Use cloud resources in multiple data centers in Germany and rely on (geo)redundancy concepts for higher data availability.



Based on the Sovereign Cloud Stack (SCS), pluscloud open provides the convenience and speed required for true cloud-native systems.


Premium service with premium components

With pluscloud open, you rely on renowned manufacturers such as OpenStack, HP Enterprise, NetApp or Juniper as well as our own certified data centers in Germany.


Resources as needed

Fast CPUs (Xeon/Epyc) starting with 2 GHz as well as different storage classes with and without replication offer you the possibility to adapt the pluscloud open exactly to your needs.



SLA with 99.99% availability of the platform, redundant connection, teams active around the clock in our support and in the pluscloud data centers: Enjoy the certainty that your resources are available for you at all times.

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