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Data protection affects us all - privately and professionally. What data do we want to share? How, where and by whom is it processed? These are questions that concern everyone. Companies must ensure that they protect our data. I explain in the following blog what role legal requirements play in this and how companies should organise themselves when dealing with data protection and information security.

PAM is a secure and very flexible way to manage highly granular access rights

What are the current modern workplace trends and what does the workplace of the future look like? What are the the biggest questions facing businesses this new year?

Four topics for 2023 that businesses and organisations need to bear in mind when thinking about their modern worlds of work.

The Microsoft world revolves around Teams, Viva and IT security. The tech giant based in Redmond publishes so many updates that users can’t always keep up with developments. In this blog, I’ll show you what’s new in MS Teams, Viva and MS 365 Defender solutions.

Cybercrime is growing more professional and threatening. This means that companies will have to appropriate new tactics and adjust to new conditions to protect themselves from costly damages.

Ignite is the annual technology convention where new services and functions for Microsoft Azure are presented. Here are the key updates.

To find out more about the background to the zero trust concept and why companies should act now, read on.

Paralysed school administration. Hackers blackmailing businesses. How can organisations tackle this challenge?

Is Industry 4.0 really a big players’ prerogative? What will it take for SMEs to get there faster, too?

Companies looking to leverage a hybrid work model are bringing their meeting rooms up to scratch with effective tools like the Surface Hub 2S.

Look at the meeting rooms in many companies and you’ll be forgiven for failing to notice any differences compared to five or ten years ago. That’s an issue because they way we work has changed so much and hybrid meetings are here to stay. These days, some people are on-site in the meeting room while others dial in from elsewhere, so if the tech isn’t up to the job of facilitating location-agnostic collaboration, productive hybrid meetings are impossible.

As of October 2022, some changes are happening in the Microsoft partner programme, all aimed at making it easier for partners and customers to demonstrate and navigate essential solution areas and competencies. Here are the key changes.

“We need three more graphics cards right now!” Sound like a familiar demand from your developers? New technologies such as GPU-intensive artificial intelligence require increasingly flexible infrastructures as they can quickly push traditional rack and blade servers past their limits. In the UCS X platform, Cisco is now combining the best of both architectures.

A strong community, deeply rooted relations to manufacturers, modern solutions and cost-effective service—all things that make Bechtle a popular partner when it comes to the modern workplace. In this interview, business manager Christian Malzacher talks about the success of sustainable end-to-end concepts, strong ties with manufacturers and the meaning of the Bechtle community.

The most recent victim was the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, which was hit by a suspected DDoS attack. Attacks like these can damage reputations and have financial repercussions, and in the worst case, hackers can get their hands on important corporate and customer data.

Every year in Germany, eight million people move, asking themselves what they need to take with them, what they can do away with and what they need to buy. These are the same questions businesses pose themselves when they migrate their IT infrastructures into the cloud, and, just as when it comes to moving house, the whole process can be stress free with the right planning and professional support.

To date, many companies build their applications with large, monolithic system architectures—organically grown, proprietary and static. There are new, more agile methods of software development, but they require management platforms as a basis.

The meeting begins. A quick check of the self view and then the small talk can start. “Are you at home or in the office today?”, goes a common first question nowadays. The past few months have indeed been favourable for flexible working, making flexible solutions palatable to companies and employees alike.