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New ways of working and increasing digitalisation at work is challenging the data centre as never before. Being able to access valuable company data at any time and from anywhere is not only challenging security systems, but also the data centre as a whole, which must adapt to the new reality in order to avoid bottlenecks and downtime in the future.

Lots of people around the globe are currently working from home. Many companies, large and small, are not sufficiently prepared for this emergency scenario. This blog will explain how we can support you with simple management and monitoring of your network infrastructure.

We all know it. Annoying ads on the TV and radio, and multi-coloured posters at stations, airports and on the street as far as the eye can see. The majority of us ignore the attempts of all these companies to attract our attention. So what can they do to catch the eye of their potential customers?

The times of beamer, whiteboard and co. are coming to an end. Content should no longer have to be photographed with a smartphone in order to send it to the meeting participants via different channels. To what extent Dell can offer you the crucial advantages and increases in efficiency in this respect, you can find out in this blog…

If your employees have to work from home due to the current situation, this often mean they face big challenges. In these times, many companies are increasingly falling back on web conference solutions, such as WebEx Teams and Meetings or GoToMeeting, to keep daily business ticking over as normally as possible.

With people being advised to “keep their distance”, employees are finding themselves forced to work from home. But what if they don’t have a laptop? Not a problem, as long as they have any computer at home that connects to the internet. How? Keep reading to find out.

The current situation presents many companies with considerable challenges. The focus is on possibilities for mobile working in order to make the working day as normal as possible. In this blog you can read how the Agile Desktop can support you quickly and safely in this regard.

More and more people in companies and other organisations, in addition to students and pupils, are currently being forced to work or study within their own four walls. Together with our partner, Google, Bechtle let you communicate and be as productive as possible when working from home.

Lenovo and computing - A tried and tested combination. Lenovo and conference room solutions? An exciting unknown! In 2018, Lenovo announced and launched their promising ThinkSmart range with the long-term aim of building a new Lenovo brand around Unified Communication and collaboration.

Video conferences from home and across departments are more important today than ever. In the past, a PC or Mac were needed to for videos - either permanently installed in the meeting rooms or the hardware used by the employees. This isn’t a perfect situation as it requires a lot of IT support and creates a lot of frustration when things go wrong. The result? Users avoid making video calls at all costs. The Poly Studio X family is the answer.

Incoming snail mail often moves through a number of departments before it arrives with the intended recipient. In order to take the paper out of the process, organisations need to connect not only departments, but also different sites and, increasingly, mobile employees. The current surge in home office workers is a particular challenge for companies looking to keep their processes running as well as possible.

We’ll help your employees stay productive, even in these challenging times. As a long-time Citrix Platinum partner, we at Bechtle have developed a concept that gives your employees working from home fast and secure access to their office PCs and the corporate network - even from their personal PCs, notebooks and tablets.

We’ve been talking about a paperless office for decades. But let’s be honest, nobody really believed it would happen. The rapid pace at which the workplace has changed, driven by digital and societal developments means the vision is no longer pie in the sky. Digital document and information logistics already forms a part of today’s Modern Workplace and presents a need for change in output management.

Software-defined Networking (SDN) have become established in data centre networks and enterprise network infrastructures with Intent-based Networking (IBN) being the next stage in the evolution where the focus is firmly on business benefits and the best possible support by the network.

The healthcare sector is facing huge challenges. It is both lacking important resources and capacities and having to create entirely new, temporary locations from scratch. Together with Cisco, we can offer you a solution that lets you quickly and easily connect up new locations.

Digital transformation is presenting businesses with great opportunities, but also increasing your IT landscape’s complexity and vulnerabilities. Customers are reliant on a future-proof global network to continue to establish themselves on the market.

Working from home, in a café, in a meeting room or hotel—with Aruba Remote solutions, you can do so easily and securely. To find out how that could look in reality, carry on reading.

There’s a slew of very diverse requirements on how business documents must be signed to be legit, and just as many interpretations. The very terminology can raise eyebrows, and there’s certainly not sufficient room in a blog to clear it all up. Still, if you deal with signatures in the legal context of Germany, there are a few facts that you should have straight. So what is an electronic signature, and how does it differ from a digital one? Defining the two is where many people take a wrong turn.

Who would have thought that working from home would become so popular? As mobile solutions become increasingly acceptable, it is crucial that they work smoothly and efficiently and that communication doesn’t become too impersonal. In this blog, you’ll find out the benefits and opportunities you can enjoy when integrating GoToMeeting in MS Teams.

Digitalisation is changing the way people live and work. Every businesses’ departments are affected and in this blog, we’ll outline the opportunities digital transformation can bring to the production and logistics chain and how you can make them work for you.