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Working from home has become routine for a large number of employees. It’s time to try something new. Take advantage of the many options for CAD online training.

Employees are increasingly demanding more flexibility in the workplace. As employees returned to their offices, they were forced to deal with the fact that they may have to retreat back to the safety of their homes at very short notice. There are still only limited possibilities to travel and meet others in person and gatherings are still largely taking place online, and the only way to meet these new challenges is by implementing new workplace paradigms such as going hybrid.

Modern Workplace, New Work, decentralised collaboration and new work landscapes—buzzwords that are influencing the modern world of work and are forcing companies to take action.

Technology region, UNESCO City of Media Arts, SMART City—all terms that describe Karlsruhe. These, alongside the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology and the Centre for Art and Media, make Baden-Württemberg’s second-largest city a driving force in digitalisation—and we’re at its heart. The city’s a digital pioneer and you’ll find out what that means for us and our everyday business in this blog.

What are the current modern workplace trends and what does the workplace of the future look like? What are the the biggest questions facing businesses this new year?

Companies looking to leverage a hybrid work model are bringing their meeting rooms up to scratch with effective tools like the Surface Hub 2S.

The current situation often demands mobile working from home which in turn attracts more cyber criminals. Spear phishing e-mails used to spread malware are in increased circulation. Recently, the Czech hospital in Brno fell victim to a cyber-attack. How can threats be detected early on and damage avoided?

New security vulnerabilities affecting operating systems and applications are identified and made public nearly every day. This information is often used by hackers to carry out targeted attacks on companies’ in-house IT systems, for example installing malware on corporate systems to steal sensitive data. Protect your IT infrastructure with automated vulnerability scans!

Working from home is currently a hot topic for SMEs and security is paramount. To ensure your important data and employees are protected at home, Bechtle is offering the Worry-Free Services solution from their partner, Trend Micro.

Prof. Ulrich Kelber is the Federal Commissioner for Data Protection and Freedom of Information. In this interview, the computer scientist and biologist talks about the necessary digitalisation push due to the pandemic, challenges for companies and governments, international data transfer and Pixi books on data protection. His credo: data protection is not an obstacle, but an integral part of digitalisation.

As Chief Information Officer (CIO) and authorised representative of Saarland for innovation and strategy, Ammar Alkassar is calling for new ways of thinking, powerful platforms and a fresh form of cooperation between business and the public sector.

I’m quite sure that successful software rollouts have always been accompanied by methods designed to facilitate user adoption. User adoption is a process that combines numerous tried and tested approaches to make implementation projects a success. They are, if you will, a collection of best practices. Without going into too much detail, this blog is a checklist for success listing the ten factors you should embrace to make sure the roll out of, for example, a Modern Workplace solution, goes off without a hitch.

A lot of people are currently working within the confines of their own four walls which is posing huge challenges for employers and employees alike—particularly when it comes down to the tech. The question is always which technology is the best that won’t blow the budget. Carry on reading to find out which tools and devices employees can use to get the job done simply and efficiently outside of the office.

Data centres are at the heart of any business. We’ve spent many years working with server, network and storage systems that make working in a digitalised world possible. Businesses are striving to make better use of their IT resources and ready them for the future with the latest and best security technologies to reconcile them with their own cloud transformation.

As of October 2022, some changes are happening in the Microsoft partner programme, all aimed at making it easier for partners and customers to demonstrate and navigate essential solution areas and competencies. Here are the key changes.

Cybercrime is growing more professional and threatening. This means that companies will have to appropriate new tactics and adjust to new conditions to protect themselves from costly damages.

The last few weeks have been turbulent for Microsoft. The IT world was perplexed over the announcement of their new OS, Windows 11, on 24/06/21, as it had previously been announced that Windows 10 would be its last standalone OS release. Only a few weeks later, at the annual #MSInspire partner conference, came the next surprise—a preview of Windows 365. And that wasn’t all. It turns out Windows 365 is not only a Desktop as a Service feature, but the beginning of a whole new computer category—the Cloud PC.

There are still far too many IT managers who think they’ll be able to oversee a cloud transformation without too many difficulties and without professional project management. However, history shows that transforming an on-premise IT landscape into a cloud-based IT architecture is an incredibly complex process that tends to be fraught with risk.

You probably remember building castles in the sand or houses with blocks in your childhood bedroom, or have watched your children play house or shop. This childish sense of fantasy is something that grown-ups still have and can use to their advantage in business.

When the world’s first e-mail popped up in 1971, no-one could have imagined what a critical business tool this would become. Protecting e-mail content wasn’t really an issue then, and the original e-mail protocols came without mechanisms that would enable encryption.

For seven years, Bechtle has been pooling expert skills and knowledge in nearly all DELL EMC products in a dedicated Bechtle Solution Centre DELL EMC, putting a focus on the manufacturer’s data centre portfolio.

Leading a team is no mean feat. People are fundamentally different in terms of what motivates them, how they can be supported to unfold their potential and hone their individual strengths, and modern managers also have to be able to lead hybrid, dispersed teams—bringing employees together who are physically separated. This is because modern organisations rely on flexible teams and agile methods in order to meet the demands of the market and their employees.

Modern security concepts start with security awareness and include a holistic approach that encompasses these three pillars: Prevention. Detection. Reaction. Only with the help of this triad can companies effectively protect themselves against data theft, sabotage and extortion. In addition, companies must involve their management and adopt a strategic approach: This is the only way to turn an often unloved Pflicht discipline into a key factor for the future.

Procuring IT as a Service has become standard practice in areas ranging from the data centre to the device, yet even today, there is a huge opportunity to successfully shape IT for the next paradigm shift. We talked to Ingo Janßen, Business Manager for Managed Services at Bechtle about his thoughts on the topic.

For several years, the term Modern Workplace has been used in the context of future-oriented workplaces. This denotes, amongst other things, the digital transformation of the classic workplace: From the desk with a large computer in the office, the phone system, filing cabinets and printer to the digital and paperless workplace.