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There's a range of ways to find out whether your password and e-mail address have been hacked. 

In just a few months’ time, businesses will be required to ensure their organisation protects data in compliance with the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Dr Nikolaus Förster is both one of Germany’s highest-flying economics journalists and a business owner – a rare combination.

Bechtle Financial Services AG bridges the gap between IT and finance, and factors in the future, too.

Interview with Heiner Golombek, Head of the Data Protection and Data Security Competence Center at Bechtle IT System Integrator Neckarsulm.

How does trust work on the internet, where people are largely anonymous? An interview with Matthias Kammer, Director of the German Institute for Trust and Safety on the Internet (DIVSI).

An exciting, future-shaping strategy is emerging from the world of IT project management and software development: agility. So how does it work?

Germany is on the road to digitising municipal services. But things aren’t moving as fast everywhere.

Big data is a big thing, we're told. But do reams of data automatically translate into higher profits? In a word, no. Collecting mountains of statistics won't get you anywhere if you don't ask the right questions—and obtain relevant data.

A plethora of standards abound, and the digital revolution has been adopted to varying degrees by different audiences. How can I make digitalisation successful and sustainable?

“Innovation Labs”, “accelerators” and “digital hubs” – there are several different ways to describe the new kind of work model that’s pervading all manner of industries.

Dr Oliver Meyer answers the question of how modern educational materials can enhance the learning experience. 

GDPR – These four letters should be tripping off everybody’s tongue by now. However, implementing the new EU General Data Protection Regulation is proving to be a challenge for many companies even after it came into effect in May 2018, and the threat of repercussions is growing.

What are the most common gateways for cyber criminals? How can cloud technologies help combat cybercrime? And how will cyber security evolve in the future?

A new word has joined them on stage, one that encompasses them all and more: digitisation. But what does the term really mean?

German companies have now recognised the great importance of digitalisation, but only 50 percent have anchored it in their business strategy.

The city of Gaildorf, together with Bechtle, is showing what the results can be when the schools of the future make the grade.

Digital economy, digital work, digital life. It seems that virtually everything is digital now. But there are still many unanswered questions for both companies and individuals alike.

As the first and only reseller of Microsoft HoloLens in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Bechtle offers a full consulting service for using mixed reality headsets in businesses.

We sat down with Solidpro expert Valentin Kurtovic to talk about the opportunities and evolution of 3D printing, and the importance of a new way of thinking.