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On a completely redesigned production line in Affalterbach, South Germany, Mercedes-AMG is building the peerless turbocharged four-cylinder M 139 engine. At the same time, the intelligently networked assembly process is setting the bar for the future of the industry.

The pull to the cloud is strong. After all, the offers are numerous, varied and now easily available. Such software-as-a-service is productive in no time and quickly fed with company data. And then you have to make sure that no problems suddenly hail down from the cloud.

The award for Surface Partner of the Year underscores Bechtle’s dynamic business development with Surface products over Microsoft’s past financial year.

Last year, an under-the-radar technological development in our logistics hub in Neckarsulm, Germany, caused quite a stir.

Gerhard Thiele is used to taking different perspectives. The physicist and astronaut knows the view from a space shuttle just as well as the one from the capsule communicator desk on earth at the Johnson Space Center in Houston.

How will the security market change? How does Microsoft defend itself against hackers? What makes for successful cloud and AI projects?

It begins with the legendary birth of the automobile, brought about by Gottlieb Daimler's motorised carriage and Carl Benz's patent motor car – both of which were ground-breaking inventions of their day.

Digitisation is the quintessential topic shaping the future of IT. There is simply no way around it; companies must face it head on if they want to remain competitive.

If you think about future-oriented IT infrastructures today, you cannot ignore cloud services. Getting into it is very simple.

Digitalisation is presenting a challenge to public administration. At the beginning of March, key players got together at the Digitaler Staat (Digital State) Congress in Berlin to define necessary steps. Hans-Henning Lühr, State Counsellor at the Senate Department of Finance of the Free Hanseatic City of Bremen and Chair of the IT Planning Council, expects that politics and administration will take a completely new direction in terms of public services, summing up “we need new statecraft”.

Learning is no longer the prerogative of the biological brain. While working with a variety of neural networks—artificial intelligence modelled on the human brain—British start-up Graphcore set out to show the world in pictures how machines acquire knowledge.

On-premises meets cloud: Together with the Bechtle IT Systems Integrator Austria, the University of Applied Sciences Kufstein Tirol implemented a state-of-the-art e-mail and office concept for staff and students that fully meets the requirements for high availability, sufficient storage capacity and modern collaboration tools.

GITA – an international network of select IT companies from all around the globe. The Global IT Alliance was first established in 2014 and connects Bechtle with nine powerful partners on all continents.

Do you love your future? Or are you afraid of it? While some emphasize the risks of change, others want to shape the future and make it better. For Sven Gábor Jánszky the answer is easy: "The manager of the think tank "2b AHEAD ThinkTank" is an optimist by profession.

The Bechtle Box is a genuine all-rounder: Three pallets of commercially packaged items leave our warehouse in just one reusable box—an environmentally friendly, space-saving solution that is also secure.

IT Business Architect Sonja Audorf gives us an insight into her transformation project experiences with SMEs.

IT infrastructure components generally need replacing every five to ten years. This can be for a variety of reasons—to increase throughput or storage capacities, security, flexibility or functionality, for example.

Big data is a big thing, we're told. But do reams of data automatically translate into higher profits? In a word, no. Collecting mountains of statistics won't get you anywhere if you don't ask the right questions—and obtain relevant data.