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Taking an active part in life is one of the overriding aims of the Josefs-Gesellschaft, a Catholic provider of facilities for people with disabilities, retirement homes, and hospitals. With the ban on visitors in many facilities, the Josefs-Gesellschaft suddenly had to deal with new challenges.

ZSG relies on a Desktop-as-a-Service solution provided by Bechtle, who upgraded ZSG’s entire network as well as both shore-side and on-board devices.

Spotlight on its own data centre: ARRI, specialist for camera and lighting systems, put its entire IT infrastructure in Vienna on a new footing at the beginning of 2019.

Together with Bechtle, CLAAAS implemented IBM’s solution, QRadar SIEM, which identifies threats in real time and ensures the international group’s IT stays on the safe side.

With his “Impulse Boost” sit ski, Simon Weber has taken mono skibobbing to a whole new piste—the high-tech professional league.

Flexible access to applications, rapid workstation switches, and maximum security. The new digital workspace concept of the Spital Uster hospital opens up new opportunities for doctors, care staff, and management staff.

"Always on", even when on holiday – this is now a thing of the past for IT manager Andreas Nickel from Applied Chemicals (ACAT) thanks to the excellent collaboration with the Bechtle IT System House Austria.

Mastering the entire value creation chain, and with more consumer orientation. This is the new – simplified – strategy of Oettinger Davidoff.

Bechtle is working on using artificial intelligence to present customers with offers that meet a genuine need. To do so, it is pursuing two avenues of development.

World-class precision optics requires the best IT support. That’s why St. Gallen-based FISBA is changing its ERP environment to the ERP Business Suite SAP S4/HANA and two fully redundant HPE ConvergedSystems 500 for SAP HANA.

The 2,250 square metre building site is the sixth substantial expansion to the premises—testament to Bechtle’s economic success and dynamic growth.

Automotive workshops today rely on IT just as much as they do on hydraulic lifts, spanners, and the trained eyes and ears of auto mechanics. Service technicians use specialised software for vehicle diagnostics and programming.

Alfred Ritter GmbH & Co. KG is famous for its signature square chocolate bars wrapped in brightly coloured packaging and sold under the brand name Ritter Sport.

Cutting-edge media is having an ever greater influence on the learning and living environments of pupils. But virtually no educational provider is handling the topic as thoroughly as the Schulwerk der Diözese Augsburg (Schools of the diocese of Augsburg).

Harmonising economy and ecology is both a corporate responsibility and challenge. What contribution can a decentrally organised group like Bechtle make?

Developed by FARO, the portable Freestyle3D scanner sets a new bar for mobility and performance. And as FARO’s IT partner, Bechtle readies the innovative solution for immediate use.

What is it that drives a company to success and motivates employees to give their all? A clear vision. Visions are gleaming aspirations calling out to us, sparking enthusiasm, encouraging and inspiring us.

It begins with the legendary birth of the automobile, brought about by Gottlieb Daimler's motorised carriage and Carl Benz's patent motor car – both of which were ground-breaking inventions of their day.

On a completely redesigned production line in Affalterbach, South Germany, Mercedes-AMG is building the peerless turbocharged four-cylinder M 139 engine. At the same time, the intelligently networked assembly process is setting the bar for the future of the industry.