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The Dream life of Driverless Cars is an art project by the London design studio, ScanLAB Projects. It simulates a self-driving car’s view using a laser-based 3D scanner.

Bechtle cooperates with venture forum neckar to invest and strategically partner with start-ups. In turn, we benefit from their dynamism and innovative abilities.

Apps to relax and unwind to. Podcasts that speak to your heart and mind. Insider tips and hot trends from the Bechtle idea pool. For you, from us.

Eat up, pour out, tune in, brush up, or knuckle down with the latest tips from Bechtle, for Bechtle, to get your 2019 off to a great start and be fit, sustainable, and beautiful.

Around 500 participants came together at the Exhibition Center Offenburg to find out what's new in the Bechtle and Microsoft world.

It’s a familiar cycle, one that’s seen time and again. A new generation of devices sweeps in, displacing the current models.

Do you love your future? Or are you afraid of it? While some emphasize the risks of change, others want to shape the future and make it better. For Sven Gábor Jánszky the answer is easy: "The manager of the think tank "2b AHEAD ThinkTank" is an optimist by profession.

He’s seen his fair share of failure and success. Now a popular motivational speaker, former ski racer turned sports analyst Marco Büchel injects his experience as an athlete into the business world.

When the right people gather at the right time in the right place, inspiration runs high and powerful experiences are forged. For the past 13 years, Bechtle’s Competence Days have served as a platform for IT decision-makers from various companies and organisations to meet with experts from throughout the Bechtle Group.

Marc Elsberg is the keynote speaker at the Bechtle IT Forum NRW on the 7th March 2018.

Shop smart, work more productively and travel with insider knowledge - we asked Bechtle employees about their favourite apps, blogs and websites.

First observation: The IT fair concept works. Specialist talks on topics from the complete spectrum of IT solutions complemented by a tailor-made exhibition. This combination hit the nail on the head once more at the Bechtle 2019 C Days for a multitude of customers, partners, and employees.

Quantum computers are probably to be expected. When we will benefit from them, nobody knows yet, but what we will use them for we can already imagine.

Stop surfing the waves of the web aimlessly, we’re here to give you some pointers. Earth-conscious, with a good book in your hands, a gripping podcast in your ears, and fresh ideas from the Bechtle Crew on your mind. Ready to set sail?

Technological transformation was the universal theme at this year’s Microsoft Ignite conference, held in the US city of Atlanta.

Put some spring in your step with a clever DIY project, new eco-friendly cleaning projects and enlightening podcasts.

Digitisation is the quintessential topic shaping the future of IT. There is simply no way around it; companies must face it head on if they want to remain competitive.

Want to know what’s hot and what’s not? Catch up on what the people at Bechtle love—online, on paper, and on the go. Join us where the future is.

Lumicles is an interactive image generator that programs the GPU to produce an infinite variety of so-called particle clouds. Millions of transparent, overlying circles are exposed to force fields that can be controlled by various parameters. In the process, works of art are created without end.