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Work more efficiently and intelligently - with Bechtle SMART Workplace.

Everyone is talking about the digital transformation. How should we approach it? What challenges do we have to master? What applications do we need? And how can we do it?


With Bechtle SMART Workplace, we have the answers to these questions. Bechtle SMART Workplace supports you with time-consuming administrative tasks in your IT organisation. You can concentrate fully on your business, while Bechtle takes care of the administration of your desktops, mobile devices, smartphones and the Microsoft cloud applications and services you subscribe to.


The best thing is: You remain financially flexible. You only pay for the applications and services you need. If the number of your employees changes, we adjust the requirements. Under- or over-licensing is therefore practically impossible.


Forget your IT.

As IT infrastructures become more and more complex, companies must also assign more and more employees to administration and maintenance. But this means that important specialists are missing to develop the business and new services. The digital transformation therefore slows down companies instead of supporting them in their work and driving innovation. We are a strong partner at your side from the beginning, supporting you and understanding what is most important to you: Your business.


Excellent experience.
Benefit from our long and extensive experience in the field of cloud and data center infrastructures. We have been successfully implementing customer projects in the IT sector for over 35 years. As a long-standing business partner of numerous manufacturers, we also enjoy the highest certifications and can therefore always provide you with the best advice.


With Bechtle SMART Workplace, we free you from the burden of your IT and clear the way for your business goals.

Questions about Bechtle SMART Workplace?

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More Teamwork.

We enable your employees to share and develop ideas more effectively with Microsoft teams. This enables you to create innovative workplaces that focus on efficient collaboration and communication.

More Security.

In the interest of highest security, our packages only contain components from Microsoft. Microsoft aggregates the data from these components online and uses its Intelligent Security Graph (ISG) to analyze over 6.5 billion signals every day - the largest amount of threat-related data in the world.


Integrated security in all Microsoft applications:

  • Malicious link and email attachment detection
  • Protection against malware through intelligent email analysis and anti-phishing policies
  • Additional security through extended multifactor authentication with Azure MFA
  • Prevent data loss in messaging systems through Microsoft Data Loss Prevention
  • Protect corporate information by encrypting files and communications between devices and the Microsoft Cloud

Find your solution quickly.

You know your requirements and are looking for the right Bechtle SMART Workplace package? Our Digital Assistant supports you.



Bechtle SMART Workplace – according to your requirements.

Bechtle SMART Workplace offers five standardised service packages for different business requirements. In the Basis and Collaboration Plus packages, you receive everything you need for more collaboration in your company. The Security and Security Plus packages offer the highest level of security. With the Advanced Security & Collaboration package, you ultimately gain the best possible IT security and collaboration in your company.

Package 1

Package 2

Package 3

Package 4

Package 5

Package 1


In the basic version, Bechtle SMART Workplace offers, in addition to standard administration, complete administration of employee accounts, devices, Windows 10 and OneDrive-Online. Employees can work seamlessly with it, i.e. across PCs, mobile devices, cloud services and local applications.


  • Management and maintenance of all affected Microsoft 365 user accounts
  • Configuration, monitoring and management of security policies and the affected Windows 10 devices
  • Real-time monitoring of devices for protection against viruses, malware, etc.
  • Data medium encryption
  • Quick onboarding of new devices and users with standard policies
  • Monthly report on the status of devices and user accounts in operation
  • Standardized retention policies for the OneDrive-Online cloud storage service

Package 2

Basic Plus.

The Basic Plus version offers multi device and mobile device management in addition to the basic version. This makes it the perfect solution for outsourcing IT so that you can concentrate fully on your daily business.


  • Extended security reports for all user accounts and devices
  • A 30-minute security meeting every month based on the security reports
  • Advanced monthly reporting and analysis for early detection of potential endpoint problems
  • Transfer the user license and OneDrive storage of a deleted user to another user within 30 days

Package 3

Advanced Security Plus.

In addition to the performance features of the Basic Plus version, Advanced Security Plus is characterized by more extensive security functions. This package has been specially tailored to the needs of larger SMBs (small and medium-sized enterprises) and ensures the best possible protection through proactive hazard prevention and individually adaptable policies and rules.


  • Proactive security and threat protection through 24/7 monitoring
  • Extended analysis and evaluations
  • Application and data security for cloud services
  • Policies, rules and reports to protect confidential data and documents
  • Use of latest security technologies: Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Package 4

Collaboration Plus.

The Collaboration Plus package supplements the Basic Plus version with administration and support functions for team communication software from Microsoft. It includes the provision and administration of the corresponding mailboxes, retention policies, spam filters as well as compliance and security guidelines.


  • Management of Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive

Package 5

Advanced Security Collaboration Plus.

The Advanced Security Collaboration Plus package combines the features of the Collaboration Plus and Advanced Security Plus packages. As a result, this SMART Workplace package offers you not only the most comprehensive security functions (e.g. 24/7 monitoring) and services (e.g. machine learning / artificial intelligence (AI)), but also management and support functions for team communication software (Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Microsoft Teams and OneDrive) from Microsoft.


Which requirements must be met?

Support for Windows 7 is terminated. What does Bechtle SMART Workplace offer here?

Is it possible to upgrade?

Is there a minimum contract period?

Which requirements must be met?

  • A valid Microsoft 365 Subscription (depending on the SMART Workplace package License Plan E3 or E5) must be purchased and made available.
  • The provision of telemetry data to Microsoft from used devices, user accounts (login, etc.) and the Microsoft Online Services used is a fundamental part of this service.
  • The network configurations necessary for the optimal use of Microsoft Online Services must be implemented accordingly in the company network and external network segments.
  • Windows 10 version 1809 or higher.

Support for Windows 7 is terminated. What does Bechtle SMART Workplace offer here?

Support for Windows 7 ended on January 14, 2020. Public page on the end of support for Windows 7:

Support for Office 2010 will end on October 13, 2020. Public page for the end of support for Office 2010:


For Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Enterprise, you can purchase advanced security updates until the end of January 2023. For detailed information about the advanced security updates for Windows 7, please download the document "Microsoft End of Support FAQ":


Our recommendation: A switch to Microsoft 365 with Bechtle SMART Workplace. This ensures that you and your organisation achieve the best possible user experience. This is achieved by using the latest technologies: Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus.

Is it possible to upgrade?

Yes, you can upgrade to another SMART Workplace package at any time. Feel free to contact us!

Is there a minimum contract period?

Yes, the minimum contract period is 1 month. The service can be cancelled monthly.