NVIDIA – The best performance for AI.

To be able to get the most out of artificial intelligence, extensive computing power is a must and one system that can meet the challenge is the NVIDIA® DGX™ based on the high performance NVIDIA GPU platform. Best of all, NVIDIA DGX offers companies GPU-optimised software and simplified management all in one compact system.

Benefits of the DGX Station and DGX Server.

Integrated hardware and software.

Based on NVIDIA™ Tensor Core technology to accelerate AI and HPC.

Deep learning training, inference and acceleration of analyses in one single system.

Unmatched performance for faster iterations and innovations.


DGX in the data centre...

NVIDIA DGX™ A100 is the universal system for all AI workloads, delivering unprecedented computing density, performance and flexibility in the world’s first 5 petaFLOPS AI system. NVIDIA DGX A100 features the world’s most advanced accelerator, the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU, which enables organisations to consolidate training, inference and analytics into a unified, easy-to-deploy AI infrastructure with direct access to NVIDIA AI experts.



...or in the office.

NVIDIA® DGX Station A100 is the compact workstation-sized system delivering the latest technologies, rapid deployment and incredible local computing power. To help you get the job done, a whisper-quiet cooling system has been integrated and a host of tools are available to accelerate development.



Which GPUs offer the best performance?


There is one processor that is particularly suitable for AI and that’s the NVIDIA® A100 that delivers unprecedented acceleration at any scale in deep learning training and inference, data analytics and HPC.

With third-generation Tensor compute engines, the new Ampere architecture enables a 20x performance increase in the AI environment, while the new Multi-Instance GPU (MIG) feature enables and optimises workload distribution across up to seven instances, allowing data science teams to work as efficiently as possible.



The compact form factor NVIDIA® T4 is a real all-rounder. This accelerator delivers very high density and flexibility and is optimised for deep learning inference meaning it perfectly complements deep learning training systems.

In terms of graphics, the T4 delivers a native user experience for virtual office desktops as well as for virtual workstations in the mid-range CAD segment.



The NVIDIA® A40 is the best choice for virtual workstations. This accelerator delivers enough power for highly demanding applications such as CAD, simulations, VR and even enables real-time rendering for photo-realistic results.

Choose the right NVIDIA Data Center GPU









World's Most Powerful Data Center GPU

Versatile Data Center GPU for Mainstream Computing

World's Most Powerful Data Center GPU for Visual Computing

Deep Learning Training

For the absolute fastest model training time

8-16 GPUs
for new installs

4-8 GPUs



Deep Learning Inference

For batch and real-time inference

1 GPU w/ MIG

1 GPU w/ MIG




For scientific computing centers and higher ed and research institutions

4 GPUs with MIG for
supercomputing centers

1-4 GPUs with MIG for
higher ed and research



Render Farms

For batch and real-time rendering




4-8 GPUs


For the best graphics performance on professional virtual workstations



2–8 GPUs for mid-range
virtual WS or
mainstream graphics

4-8 GPUs for highest
performing graphics
and simulation

Enterprise Acceleration

Mixed Workloads – Graphics, ML, DL, analytics, training, inference

1-4 with MIG for compute intensive
multi-GPU workloads

1-4 GPUs with MIG for
compute intensive
single GPU workloads

4-8 GPUs for balanced

2-4 GPUs for graphics
intensive and compute

Edge Acceleration

Edge solutions with differing use cases and location


1-2 GPU with MIG

1-8 GPUs for inference
and video workloads

2-4 GPUs for graphics
intensive & AR/VR


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