Data centres – The core of your business.

Your data centre is the beating heart of your business. The term “data centre” itself makes its role clear: to serve as a central hub for key data. If your data centre malfunctions or, worse still, stops working entirely, the consequences can be disastrous, resulting in the breakdown of workflows or even financial losses.


Data centres face diverse challenges both today and tomorrow.

  • How can you minimise downtime?
  • How can you maximise data availability?
  • How will you handle increasing complexity?
  • How will you guarantee data security and protection?
  • Would it make more sense to store all or at least part of your data externally?
  • How can you ensure the flexibility required to respond to growing infrastructure requirements, such as storage scalability and adequate performance?
  • How can continue to reduce costs?

Questions about data centres?

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Tailored solutions for complex IT environments.


If you need advice or support for your data centre, our experts are on hand to help you devise an ultra-reliable, forward-facing architecture. We plan and configure tailored data-centre infrastructures and even operate them upon request—whether they’re on-premise or hosted in the Bechtle Cloud.


Our services include both consulting and systems integration:

  • Strategy development
  • Server assessments
  • Data analysis
  • Consolidation of network, server and storage resources
  • Procurement, installation, virtualisation, automation and start-up of network, server and storage structures
  • Integration of backup and archiving solutions

Extensive expertise you can rely on.

We’ll help you meet your data-centre challenges by tapping into the deep data-centre expertise we’ve gathered over years of experience. Bechtle has already implemented data-centre projects for countless small, mid-size and enterprise customers as well as public institutions.


New IT infrastructure for Protestant social welfare services of Schweinfurt.

The Protestant social welfare services of Schweinfurt (Diakonie Schweinfurt) has a long history steeped in tradition. As an established institution in Schweinfurt, it acts as a service provider for social-welfare, church and other non-profit organisations. It focuses on elder care, general and specialist life coaching, and public social services for people seeking advice or experiencing illness or other difficult life circumstances. To fulfil its mission, Diakonie Schweinfurt interfaces with local welfare establishments and Protestant churches and also leads welfare associations and other organisations in the Main-Rhön region and Kitzingen.

The data centre of the future is a virtualised, software-controlled hub delivering countless benefits.


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By leveraging cutting-edge hardware technology, hyper-converged solutions are ideally prepared for dynamic business environments.



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Is your data-centre priority to ensure top performance even during peak periods? Or are you looking for storage capacity for big-data purposes?

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Network, server and storage virtualisation are all hallmark components of the data centre of the future.



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