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Security – Protect your business assets.

In 2016 more cyber attacks and cases of data theft were reported than ever before. Businesses are no longer counting cases of attacks in the thousands, but in millions! 1.8 million attacks were reported alone against the German federal government’s data network, and the German armed forces reported a whopping 71 million attacks (source: ZDF/Frontal-21). Threats stemming from hackers has risen exponentially and experts are forecasting a new record high of cyber attacks in 2017.


The German digital association, Bitkom, conducted a survey on espionage, sabotage and data theft and estimates total damages caused by hackers at 51 billion euros per year. What’s making matters worse: 51 per cent of German companies do not have a backup plan in place to limit damages inflicted by cyber crime.


Internal traffic has to be protected, too.

Many companies concentrate mostly on the perimeter firewall and north-south traffic when devising plans to protect themselves from cyber attacks. However, once a perpetrator gets into the network he can move freely about. To stop attacks from within, smart security solutions are needed that can do much more than filter out malware.


To ensure that your business’s vital data are protected Bechtle offers a range of comprehensive IT security solutions. We provide full protection, combining technical security with information security. That’s because an integrated security strategy is the best way to counter malware, data spying and data theft. Our certified experts will provide you with reliable, future-ready strategies—guaranteed.


We provide the following solutions for technical security and information security:


Technical security.

  • Data security: E-mail encryption, data loss prevention, PKI, authentication
  • Endpoint security: Antivirus and anti-malware solutions, personal firewalls and host IPS, hard drive encryption
  • Network security: 802.1X-based LAN and wireless security, IP address management strategies
  • Internet security: Firewalls, VPN, IPS, secure access


Information security.

  • Data protection: Consulting, audits, training, external data protection officer, assessor
  • Data security: Assessments, security strategies, certification preparation based on ISO 27001/German Federal Office of Information Security standards, ISMS
  • Legal compliance consulting: Liability, employment contracts, works council agreements, compliance, IT law

Questions about security?

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A secure solution: the IT security architecture.

Effective IT security requires a holistic approach. It’s the only way to guarantee that security loopholes are closed. Our IT security architecture consists of a five-step process.


1. Evaluation

In the first step, we evaluate the security situation and analyse the risks.










2. Organisation

We then review the legal and industry-specific requirements.










3. Technology

In the third step, we survey the network and deployed technologies. Are they still up to date? And what about end-point security? What are the possible loopholes? Only once we have sufficiently evaluated the basic infrastructure and the required security technologies do we turn our attention to the implementation of the IT security architecture.



4. Architecture

The security architecture is implemented in the fourth step. Additional technologies have to be integrated and the users sensitised to the importance of security, and if needed further training is given.




5. Operation

In the final step, the IT security architecture is analysed and monitored in operation. The implemented architecture is checked for any remaining vulnerabilities. How can cyber attacks be detected in time? What are the contingency plans? How fast can disaster recovery be performed? Additionally, we also offer maintenance and support to make sure there are no loose ends.


Managed security and security audits.

As part of our comprehensive range of services, we can also operate your security environment in our Global Network Operations Centre (GNOC). Round-the-clock monitoring and extensive systems management ensure maximum security at all times.


Reviews of the implemented security measures are another important aspect of our security management. Only by regularly assessing infrastructure risks and vulnerabilities according to international standards can you ensure that your precautions continue to provide the protection you need. We offer a full range of services, including internal and external audits, Wi-Fi audits, social engineering protection and web application scans.


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Ready for strong connections: A modern network infrastructure supports  key business processes and increases IT efficiency.

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“Bechtle supplied us with invaluable support for key components of our project, both as a procurement partner and as a skills provider. Our previously rewarding partnership in the traditional area of IT infrastructure paved the way for us to tackle this innovation with success.”

Renz Group.

A single control unit for Renz digital parcelboxes.

Rarely has there been a more aptly described “hidden champion” than Erwin Renz Metallwarenfabrik GmbH & Co KG. Both the main office and largest factory of Europe’s leading letter- and parcelbox manufacturer are located on the edge of the placid town of Kirchberg an der Murr, Germany. Visitors entering the foyer, which doubles as a showroom, are greeted with an extraordinary range of products, award-winning designs and meticulous details. It’s a display of consummate specialisation deep in the heart of the Schwabenland, as this region of Germany is affectionately known. The latest development in particular is something to write home about: a digitally controlled parcelbox cluster, complete with an app that provides residents of multi-flat houses with a simple way to receive and send parcels—regardless of which parcel service is used—and much more.

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a.i.m. all in metal GmbH

Einheitliche IT-Infrastruktur für die a.i.m. all in metal GmbH.

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“We were impressed with NetApp’s range of software from the start. These tools are extremely easy to use and incredibly reliable. We’re also very pleased with the support provided by Bechtle’s NetApp experts. It has truly been a great experience working with NetApp.”

Heidelberg Cement

A secure foundation for all HeidelbergCement locations worldwide.

HeidelbergCement is one of the world’s largest building materials companies. With the takeover of the Italian cement producer Italcementi, HeidelbergCement became the number one in aggregates production, number two in cement, and number three in ready-mixed concrete. Over 63,000 employees at more than 3,000 locations in some 60 countries spanning five continents fuel its success. Since 2010, HeidelbergCement has entrusted its data to NetApp solutions, with a focus on centralising and virtualising the system’s structure.

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