A modern workplace and mobile strategy.

How will we work in the future? Will we be working more from home and less in the office? What challenges will employers have to deal with in the future?


The digital workplace is changing all the time. New technologies and innovations along with the desire of employees to spend more time with their families mean companies have to leap ever new hurdles. Gesucht wird eine intelligente Workplace- Strategie, die diesen Anforderungen gerecht werden kann und sich skalieren lässt. The solution: The Modern Workplace by Bechtle.


Digital workplace strategy and planning.

Our IT business architects and consultants work together with you to develop a strategy for the workplace of the future, by analysing products and alternative solutions. Our focus is on your requirements and a primary, vendor-neutral consultation. Based on this concept, we work with you to design a service in accordance with international standards (e.g. ITIL or TOGAF). You decide which services you would like us to provide and which you will perform.

Questions about Modern Workplace and mobile strategy?

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The modern workplace concept is built on three pillars:


1. Co-operation.

The way we work together today is increasingly shaped by computers and digital services such as WebEx and cloud-based file sharing services.


2. Knowledge management.

Knowledge must be made available quickly and in a targeted manner so that it can be used appropriately. Even large amounts of information can be digitised and made available thanks to Business Intelligence (BI) and Document Management systems, and artificial intelligence (AI) and virtual reality (VR) make the process even faster and better.


3. Mobility.

Modern companies are no longer bound to one location. Today's employees work independently and globally and have to be able to access data, programmes and systems at any time from anywhere.


Looking at the three pillars of our workplace concept, it becomes immediately clear how important 'mobility' has become for companies. This is the reason we focus on mobile communication: How do you ensure the availability of employees and how they communicate (unified communication) enterprise-wide? What do globally connected teams need so that they can effectively work together? Modern Workplace can give you the answers.

Our workplace consulting has two steps:

  • An assessment of your business and future challenges to determine your workplace needs.
  • An assessment of your infrastructure to design a sustainable, scalable and profitable IT architecture.


Basis for planning business decisions.

One of our top assessment tools is the IT Blueprint, which we use to draft

comprehensive, highly useful IT documentation. This Blueprint is an ideal basis for making business decisions and planning investments. Best of all, it shows all links and interfaces connecting your infrastructure, IT services and software licences at a glance.



You have a huge choice.

Of course, Bechtle offers vendor-neutral advice. We work together with over 300 vendors and, in most cases, have the highest certifications. This enables us to present to you the best options for your workplace strategy.

Looking to the future - In the Bechtle Demonstration Rooms.

How will workplaces look in the future? Will there be new functions? How should we work together?

If you'd like to take a look into the future and see how digital workplaces could look in the next few years, come and visit one of our demo rooms. They are situated in our headquarters in Neckarsulm as well as in select competence centres (e.g. In Hamburg, Dortmund, Darmstadt, Mannheim, Karlsruhe and Vienna). The rooms show what can be implemented today, and how modern IT solutions can support employees in their everyday tasks. Best of all: Our digital workplaces are viable solutions for everyday business that we can offer to interested companies immediately. The future of digital working is already here, and is waiting to meet you.

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We recommend products that suit your business, and show you what licences the various vendors offer.


We develop a transition, rollout and service concept that is tailored to your individual requirements. A standardised framework for control and quality assurance ensures the success of the project.


Bechtle Financial Services helps you find the right financial solution for your IT, while, our highly customisable online procurement system, bios®, streamlines your entire ordering process.,



The speed of success hinges on how well your employees know their tools. We help you identify suitable seminars and advise you on planning and realising qualification programmes.


Servers, PCs, notebooks and other end devices are configured and tested before installation. New applications are standardised and deployed efficiently so that your employees can get to work immediately.


Bechtle’s Managed Workplace Services put your focus back on driving your business while we make sure your digital workplaces are up and running at all times.


Bechtle can manage the complete lifecycle of your hardware and software, all the way to efficient asset remarketing for that extra bit of financial cushion. 


How we work together will dramatically change in the future. Take a look at the potential challenges here: