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Bechtle Security: Data centre security.

Modern hybrid data centres must be protected on a multitude of layers across physical and virtual systems. IT security has to encompass the entire data centre infrastructure, keeping in mind that over 90% of corporate IT resources today are virtual. The same applies irrespective of how these resources are made available to users, whether this happens via OpenStack, VMware or containerisation.

IT managers should be instantly alerted to any unexpected changes on the file or configuration layer, as well as to any policy breaches that may occur within their environment. That’s why Bechtle implements big-name security solutions that integrate seamlessly with our customers’ virtual environments. And to keep bad things outside, Bechtle-secured data centres are firewalled using high-performance systems that can handle extensive traffic to keep operations running smoothly.

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What security measures are relevant for your company?

Application security.

Even harmless applications can turn into security problems. We’ll demonstrate how you can best protect your company against this.

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Cloud security.

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Cyber crime & defence.

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Data backup and information security.

How should your company react when you detect theft? What consequences are there? We’ll answer the most important questions.

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Infrastructure and perimeter security.

Companies need IT infrastructures tailored to their companies. And we’ll be glad to show you what you need to take into account.

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Workplace security.

The working world is currently changing. Companies are embracing new technologies to increase their efficiency and productivity.

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Heidelberg Cement.

HeidelbergCement is one of the world’s largest building materials companies. Over 63,000 employees at more than 3,000 locations in some 60 countries spanning five continents fuel its success.

a.i.m. all in metal GmbH.

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Renz Group.

Renz' digital postbox makes it easy to send and receive parcels. Bechtle implemented the web portal, which is connected to the smart, electronically controlled parcel facility.