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Bechtle Security: Infrastructure and perimeter security.

Infrastructure and perimeter security includes products, solutions and services designed to protect your enterprise. A blend of firewall solutions from a variety of manufacturers, web services and mail services located in the DMZ (demilitarised zone) keep the corporate infrastructure safe from external threats.


Malware attacks are targeted at companies, which is why it’s essential to analyse malicious code and to recognise and prevent unauthorised communications channels. The goal is always to ensure high-speed access to the internet. Intrusion detection and prevention solutions to protect network-based applications are as much a part of a standard portfolio as next generation firewall solutions whether they are stand-alone network technologies, virtual solutions or firewall modules. Due to the ever-growing importance of user identities in these complex environments, Identity based firewalls are being employed more regularly. As well as safeguarding internet access, it's important to carry out network segmentation in order to, for example, granularly separate servers from clients and IoT devices. A network access control solution should also be set up to secure LAN and WLAN and to simultaneously automate ports and roles.

Companies communicate with users and branches on the internet via encrypted and secure virtual private networks.
Bechtle’s range of infrastructure and perimeter security solutions also includes basic services, including DNS concepts, and IP address management as well as IPv6 implementation strategies.

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What security measures are relevant for your company?


Even harmless applications can turn into security problems. We’ll demonstrate how you can best protect your company against this.


From private and public to hybrid cloud—every infrastructure is different and therefore needs to be considered individually. We’ll show you what to watch out for.


What attack scenarios are there and how can you best protect your company against them? We’ll advise you on the best security solutions for you.


Are you still using legacy hardware? Is your data centre already completely digital or are you using a hybrid cloud? We’ll highlight all security factors.


How should your company react when you detect theft? What consequences are there? We’ll answer the most important questions.


The working world is currently changing. Companies are embracing new technologies to increase their efficiency and productivity.



A new control centre is to be built at the ground communication station operated by MEDIA BROADCAST in Usingen, Hessen, to ensure the security and future viability of the networks.


In Bechtle, Sigel found a partner who documents the existing firewall concept, identifies weak spots and develops a new concept that takes account of security and availability.

Yazaki Systems Technologies.

The next generation security architecture implemented by Bechtle at Yazaki Systems Technologies protects the company's customer details and ensures the high availability of the data.