Secure, targeted data management.

Secure management and professional protection of business data are vital factors in your company’s success. And if you’re a large corporate group, they’re indispensable for ensuring compliance with legal regulations. No matter if you rely on Microsoft or Linux servers—or both—server agents provide an invaluable service. The solutions we offer also cover storage, backup and recovery of sensitive data on Unix and NetWare servers. You’ll find agents designed for specific scenarios along with solutions that span a broad range of usage cases. Explore our online shop to find the products that meet your requirements.


Protecting your applications.

Microsoft SharePoint provides an integrated platform reinforcing employee networks and supporting collaboration across any number of teams. This solution is so all-encompassing that any loss of data could cause substantial difficulties within projects and other routine work—which is why reliable data backups are essential. The same applies to SQL databases and Active Directories. Server agents are able to protect both virtual and physical environments equally well. Solutions for purely virtual IT infrastructures are also available, such as Veritas Backup Exec Agent for VMware Virtual Infrastructure.


Server agents from market leaders.

Our online shop carries an extensive selection of server agents by Veritas, Acronis, ArcServe and others. Veritas Backup Exec Agent for Applications and Databases promises comprehensive protection for various applications and databases in both virtual and physical environments. Veritas also offers server agents for specific uses. Take advantage of detailed information on to find the right solution for your business. Our product managers will also be happy to assist you personally with any questions you may have.