Experiences Jun 30, 2020

167 hours, 59 minutes and 58 seconds – The longest football match in the world.

As a VIPM for vendor Axis Communications, I am used to receiving creative request for video and audio solutions. But the call I got in Spring 2019 from my college Steve Cottone, Bechtle IT Systems House Saarbrucken, surprised even me. Our customer, Dirk Stiwitz, wanted to organise the longest football match in the world...

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Lukas Drzymala

Dirk Stiwitz came up with the idea back in 2014, when he had heard about a world record attempt in Kerbach (France). The first record attempt in 2015 was unsuccessful as it was beaten by other teams in England. 2016 saw the next attempt. This was successful, but insufficient documentation meant it went unrecognised. In 2019, they wanted to leave nothing to chance, leading Dirk Stiwitz to turn to Bechtle to build a secure and reliable video system. What works on a global scale for airports and train stations should also be up to capturing this record attempt.