CAD Dec 13, 2019

DraftSight 2D CAD soon no longer free.

Are you one of the many companies that invest in IT projects even as the year draws to a close? You’ve got it all covered, from hardware to 3D CAD licenses. This year, don’t forget about the DraftSight 2D CAD program, which has been downloaded for free more than 9 million times. However, from 1 January 2020, DraftSight will only be available in a paid version.

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Construction companies aren’t the only ones who use DraftSight. Many others have it installed on nearly all company computers. Purchasing departments, for instance, open the program when placing orders or making decisions. Sales teams use it to add customer requests (for connections or similar details) to drafts while on site.


Although demand for DraftSight licenses has increased dramatically in the past few months, most users/customers have not contacted us about this upcoming pricing development.


Network Enterprise Licenses are key.

Some may be looking around for a free alternative, but it’s important to exercise caution before installing a new program. Always verify the software’s origin beforehand. And users should never install programs without the knowledge of their IT department. Security continues to be one of the leading topics in the IT market.


The best solution comes in the form of network enterprise licenses. These can be used throughout your entire company, with users drawing from the license pool. This ensures that everyone is securely and ideally equipped for maximum productivity.

Simon Repp
Account Manager SOLIDWORKS