CAD Feb 13, 2020

360° Service from Solidpro.

We see ourselves as a solution provider in SOLIDWORKS CAD sales. However, we never lose sight of the second important component - the appropriate, performant hardware.

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Simon Repp
Account Manager SOLIDWORKS

In addition to the current specifications, the software manufacturer recommends the appropriate graphics card. If the wrong graphics card is used, artifacts may occur, or it may happen that the letters fall out of the drawings. It is also important that the correct Office and the corresponding Microsoft products have been installed beforehand. The experts of the hardware department of Solidpro have developed a current recommendation for workstations and mobile workstations.


Be careful with updates.

The new SOLIDWORKS is now available in its 28th version. Before you update, please contact us. Because in addition to the SOLIDWORKS environment, the PDM (data management) environment, if one is available, must also be at the same annual level.


Here it comes again and again to a rude awakening. If the SQL and Windows server is outdated, an update cannot be carried out because otherwise access in SOLIDWORKS will no longer work. Many companies plan to switch to SOLIDWORKS 2020 in the second quarter. However, if the SQL server is from 2012, the operation of the CAD software cannot be guaranteed.


Here Solidpro helps with the affiliated companies according to the motto "everything from one source". In cooperation with Bechtle, we ensure that we can offer you missing CAL licences or complete SQL server licences.

Creation of new workplaces.

Especially when setting up a new CAD workstation, it is necessary that Office has been installed on the respective PC beforehand. This is because SOLIDWORKS needs these folder structures to display stocklists.


In most cases, powerful workstations, so-called gaming PCs, are already available. Here we would like to show that the new Z2 HP workstations with the right setting are better suited for CAD applications/simulation calculations. In addition to current drivers, we deliver our OPTIMIZED BY SOLIDPRO computers with BIOS optimization.


In view of the support end of Windows 7, an analysis of the current HARDWARE becomes necessary when SOLIDWORKS is introduced. At the end of 2020, SOLIDWORKS will release Service Pack 5, its last update for the aging operating system.

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