IT Security Apr 8, 2020

Three challenges in cloud security and how Bechtle and Palo Alto Networks can support you in this respect.

New business models, more flexibility and greater scalability - there are many reasons to make the switch to the cloud, where you can store and run the majority of data and applications. However, new business models and the market often demand the use of a public cloud. As a result, many businesses operate in a hybrid environment consisting of their data centre and additional cloud solutions.

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Dirk Warmann
Product Manager Palo Alto Networks

There are multiple benefits of an IT infrastructure that is set up and run with the necessary care and a good strategy. However, security also has to play an important role to ensure the continued integrity and existence of your business. I’ve summarised the three biggest cloud security challenges that businesses are facing:


  1. 1. Shadow IT and compliance breaches.

Large amounts of data can be shared quickly via file sharing services even across departments. Teams can access cloud-based tools without having to involve the IT department. Most companies are faced with problems like these. The human factor should also not be underestimated—wherever people are involved, mistakes are made, both in the development of new applications, but also when handling data and information. Most companies realise that compliance also poses issues, not only in terms of adhering to in-house compliance criteria, but also legal regulations such as the GDPR.