Modern Workplace Jul 27, 2020

Make IT happen - Our everyday life at the Bechtle IT System House in Karlsruhe.

Technology region, UNESCO City of Media Arts, SMART City—all terms that describe Karlsruhe. These, alongside the Karlsruhe Institute for Technology and the Centre for Art and Media, make Baden-Württemberg’s second-largest city a driving force in digitalisation—and we’re at its heart. The city’s a digital pioneer and you’ll find out what that means for us and our everyday business in this blog.

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Patricia Reichel

We—that’s me and my colleague Jens Bonnet— work in Presales and Modern Workplace and Marketing. At first it sounds like completely different jobs, but they actually have quite a lot in common as they have the same objective—to increase awareness of our Digital Workplace and our system house showroom both internally and externally and thus introduce our visitors to the world of modern working. It’s as fascinating as it sounds and I’d like to share with you what exactly an average day looks like for us.


By the time I show up at the office, Jens has long since finished his first cup of tea and answered a few dozen e-mails. He’s even already sent a few to me! But first: coffee. My first job is to open Outlook and answer e-mails, check appointments and update my to-do list. Yes, that’s right. A to-do list. On paper. At an IT company. I find it more motivating to cross something off a physical list and a digital list just doesn’t cut the mustard. Jens, however, doesn’t have a single scrap of paper on his desk—just all the latest technology.