Modern Workplace Jul 21, 2020

Office 4.0 – Digitalisation and innovative office concepts.

Modern Workplace, New Work, decentralised collaboration and new work landscapes—buzzwords that are influencing the modern world of work and are forcing companies to take action. Employees are demanding more and digitalisation is setting the pace. The working day is becoming increasingly complex and requires new working environments. The simple fact is that a perfect working environment is needed to work productively and increase employee satisfaction and motivation, but equipping staff with the latest technology is only one part of the story. Ergonomics and innovative office concepts also play an important role, but are sadly often overlooked.

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Patricia Reichel

Digitalisation and global developments mean that employees are increasingly mobile. We don’t need fixed places of work anymore because we can work from anywhere we want. In theory at least, but in reality, this (still) isn’t always feasible. In addition, most employees prefer to work in the office where they are less distracted but still have some flexibility. Office 4.0 has to be multi-functional and modern, take ergonomics into account and also be inviting. This encourages creativity and motivation. Fixed technologies are replaced by mobile devices such as smartphones, notebooks and tablets which makes it possible for employees to work from a variety of locations both within and outside of the company.