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Career Oct 24, 2019

My year as a Bechtle trainee.

Bechtle has more trainees than ever before. Including Tobias Barth and myself. Over the next few months, we will both report back on the trainee programme and share our experiences. Today I’m kicking things off...

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But who am I? My name is Arthur Lukiewicz, and on 1 October I started as a Bechtle trainee in Data Analytics and Business Intelligence in Krefeld. My enthusiasm for IT was already clear when I was at uni. I studied economics—and finished with a masters in statistics and econometrics. At the same time I was working in several start-ups and writing my master thesis on “Data analytics in management consultancies”.


It quickly became clear to me that I wanted to gain my first experience in the IT world with a trainee programme after my studies were over, allowing me to expand my skills to professional working—both in a technical environment and with regard to soft skills. The IT industry is great for this because it’s characterised by constant change, new developments, and its fast-paced nature. You have to keep developing yourself to stay at the cutting edge and understand innovations. That’s what makes working in IT so appealing for me.


First contact.

I first became aware of Bechtle and its trainee programme at the graduate conference in Essen. At the booth I met people who later became my boss and mentor, and was able to glean my first impression of the company. Talking with both of them, I was impressed with what I heard about Bechtle, and shortly after, my application to the trainee programme was approved.


Over the nine months of the programme, there are five modules covering various topics. The trainees go to Neckarsulm for several days to attend interesting talks from Bechtle experts on a wide range of business areas. This gives us a better understanding of Bechtle’s structures and can establish contacts. There are many training courses and seminars offered by the Academy that we are free to choose between. Another very clear plus is the network which extends across the whole of Germany, connecting us to all the other trainees. I also keep in touch with the others between modules.


The first module got underway in October with an introduction of the programme and its leaders, with the speed dating event providing a great opportunity for the trainees to get to know one another. After this was the Mikado induction event, where each month, all of the new colleagues from German-speaking branches come together in Neckarsulm for two days. After the first day, we went out for dinner together, bonding with the other employees over a beer.

Arthur Lukiewicz
Trainee Data Analytics and Business Intelligence