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Career Jan 10, 2020

A day in the life of a Bechtle trainee.

The first few months of my training programme have come to an end. I’ve passed my second trainee programme module and mastered my first solo projects. Here’s a look back at exciting things that happened so far...

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A few weeks have passed since the second trainee programme module, but all the great memories of a day spent in the climbing hall and interesting presentations from my new colleagues are all flooding back as I begin writing this blog.


Team-building exercises and especially the free-climbing event on our first day brought us all together on a personal level. After a brief introduction we were allowed to control our own ropes, so we had to keep a very careful eye on each other’s progress. Having so much responsibility for a colleague means that you automatically begin to trust one another.


Walt Disney creativity.

The second day was filled with interesting presentations from our colleagues with Bechtle’s central service unit. What particularly impressed me was that all of the speakers offered us personal help and support if we encounter any issues and needed advice. This team spirit is something that I see every day at Bechtle. On the third and final day, we were able to get active ourselves, tackling a variety of topics in different workshops. Me and my group worked on ideas for innovation in logistics. The creative techniques we learned—the so-called Disney method—and the insights into Bechtle’s logistics structure are things that I will certainly be able to use in my day-to-day work in the future.


And after the compulsory part of the module was done, we kept meeting up to eat together, play football, talk about our first professional experience at Bechtle and of course our personal interests and the things we do outside work. I found it impressive how relaxed everyone was and how well we got on with each other, even though we had only just met and not spent a great deal of time together.


Taking the plunge? Feels good.

I work at Bechtle’s Krefeld office. In the short time I’ve spent there so far, I was already involved in a few very exciting projects, including large-scale migrations at an energy provider and a public agency. What at first felt like taking a plunge into cold water quickly proved to be just the ticket. I had to get to grips with new tasks and topics in a very short period of time and was able to learn so much and get hands-on experience right away.


But my highlight of this year was the independence and responsibility I enjoyed working on some serious business intelligence projects, even representing Bechtle on my own at customer sites. I am very grateful that my team have shown such faith in me after a relatively short period of time at the company.


Lots to look forward to.

Alongside my work, I have also recently been able to take part in some team and customer events. I enjoyed the culinary delights of a barbeque cooking course. I played Mario Kart on a cinema screen with my colleagues in a gaming bar. In a nutshell, my first few months at Bechtle have been an incredibly exciting and instructive experience. I am really looking forward to the coming year and the next modules and projects.

Arthur Lukiewicz
Trainee Data Analytics and Business Intelligence