Career Jun 3, 2020

Trainee module with a difference: virtual, but still connected.

The trainee programme is coming to an end and, because of the current situation, the penultimate module had to take place online. While the evening event where the trainees could share their project experiences had to be cancelled, one thing is for sure: video conferencing does not stand in the way of lively discussions on engaging topics.

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Arthur Lukiewicz
Trainee Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

The final two months of the trainee programme are fast approaching. I’m currently driving forward a range of projects and there are always new ones coming up with the most diverse customers that range from workshops and training seminars on the topic of data analytics to the creation of elaborate visualisations of IT infrastructures and analysis of project budgets and schedules. I’m also working with colleagues at Bechtle Düsseldorf on an internal solution for resource planning in the services sector that should alleviate some of the pressure on our team leads and facilitate operations.


Getting creative - The old fashioned way.

In the virtual training module, we were able to cast an eye over the everyday work of an IT business architect as well get to know a little about Bechtle Consulting Services. Even in a virtual meeting, the enthusiasm the presenters have for their work was palpable and they covered topics such as networking and security in a stimulating and illuminating way.


In order that we could leverage the knowledge we had gleaned over the three days, we were introduced to the idea of “sketchnoting” which turned the notes we had made from lifeless bullet points to real works of art. I was particularly impressed by how the quality of all our sketches improved over the course of the three days. The mix of concise presentations and the creative breaks between topics, which we could use to put down what we had learned on paper in the form of pictures and stories, made the whole experience of this first virtual training module very enjoyable.



In short, we were all happy to be there.

It is, of course, more difficult to have the same levels of exchange virtually as you would normally have, particularly in terms of off-topic chats that combine the private with professional and obviously with team-building activities such as climbing or playing football, both of which were missed enormously. I really hope that the next module can take place face-to-face (taking into account social distancing rules) as it is our last.


Looking back over the previous months, I can say with certainty that the trainee programme has helped me to develop on both a personal and professional level. My personal trainee plan has been particularly successful as it means that the relevant Bechtle Academy courses could be adapted to my specific needs. After eight months, I feel like I am well-equipped to deal with the projects and tasks I may be faced with in the future and am so happy that I chose Bechtle to kick off my career.