What a day!

With more than 60 speakers on three digital stages, virtual booths, video talks, chats and breakout sessions, the motto of Bechtle Competence Day —Empowering your future—was spot on. For the first time, Bechtle experts, partners and customers shared their real-life experience and valuable insights to elevate your digital journey in a virtual format. And now it’s time to ReLive. 

Bechtle update – the digital IT magazine for decision makers.

Hot industry topics, exceptional customer references and great people, trends and tips that only a select few know—the Bechtle update keeps you up to date with the world of IT. 

Dr Michael Müller-Wünsch, Chief Information Officer (CIO), OTTO: Make the change! A discussion about cultural and workplace transformation.

From the analogue world to a purely digital business model, OTTO is a shining example of how digital transformation pays off. Dr Michael Müller-Wünsch, Chief Information Officer (CIO), discusses how New Work concepts and technology interact and which other factors are essential for a company to change holistically at Bechtle Competence Day 2020.

Crisis? An opportunity for schools.

The coronavirus has been a baptism of fire for schools with many institutions having to rethink how they deliver classes during lockdown. A situation that significantly accelerated the introduction of modern tools and new learning aids. In these difficult times, a large number of private companies and public sector providers have been offering fast support without the red tape.

The Swiss ecoplane.

Their plans are sky high.  Smartflyer AG, led by Rolf Stuber and his team of specialists, wants nothing less than to turn the small village of Grenchen in Switzerland into the cradle of electric aviation. To achieve this, they are currently building their new vehicle with an innovative drive—a hybrid plane—in their workshop.

Dr Bernd Heinrichs, CDO, Bosch Mobility Solutions: Mindset, technologies and the future of mobility solutions.

“It’s written in the stars that Germany will shape the future of IoT”, says Dr Bernd Heinrichs, chief digital officer, Bosch Mobility Solutions. But this requires businesses to pool their expertise. 

Elke Reichart, Chief Digital Officer, TUI Group: The rise of the antiboss? Leadership in flux.

“I’m there for my employees, not the other way round.”—Elke Reichart, chief digital officer for the TUI Group, about modern leadership and how artificial intelligence and diversity are playing a role. 

Pat Gelsinger, ​​​​​​​CEO, VMware, on the speed of digital transformation.

“Sometimes it takes a decade to make a week of progress. In many cases in recent times, we’ve seen a decade of progress in a week”, says Pat Gelsinger, CEO at VMware. In an executive talk with Bechtle COO, Michael Guschlbauer, Pat Gelsinger shares his thoughts on current developments in the IT industry—and more.

Thomas Kurian, ​​​​​​​CEO, Google Cloud, on the value and protection of data.

What role does AI play in digital transformations? How can data protection and data sovereignty be guaranteed? And which successes has the one-year partnership between Google Cloud and Bechtle achieved so far? Thomas Kurian, CEO of Google, discusses all this and more in conversation with Bechtle COO, Michael Guschlbauer.

What does the future of IT hold? An interview with Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO, Dell Technologies.

Michael Dell, Chairman and CEO of Dell Technologies, talks about the explosion in the number of smart devices, the challenges faced by businesses to redefine themselves in the digital age, and the Dell Vision 2030.

Antonio Neri, CEO, HPE, on the importance of technology for society.

Antonio Neri, CEO of HPE, explains why there cannot be a discussion about the digital economy without considering inclusion and diversity, which technologies will drive the IT market in the coming years, and the potential of artificial intelligence.

Reassessing the IT landscape at HPC.

HPC AG’s environmental experts are shaping the future of entire regions as consultants and planners. Through a comprehensive digitalisation strategy, the company is strengthening its competitiveness in key areas and, supported by MODUS Consult and Bechtle Comsoft, is developing the future of application landscapes.

Leadership is changing.

We read about it. We talk about it. The science backs it up. We can see it in the reality of our workplace, and when we allow ourselves to take a moment, we can feel it, too: Leadership is changing. But why is that?

Creative AI showcased in futuristic cube on German Unity Day.

Artificial intelligence is brimming with creative energy—visitors to Baden-Württemberg’s Cube can tell. Part of the German Unity Day 30th anniversary celebrations, the digital art installation Grenzauflösung (roughly, dissolving borders) located in the heart of Potsdam feeds visitors’ imagination as it blurs the lines between reality and art.

Art-ificial intelligence.

When three scientists and a project manager team up to make art, they make it intelligent. The Lunar Ring group of artists is showing an interactive AI art installation, supported by Bechtle, in the city center of Potsdam during the celebrations for German Unity Day 2020. 

Bechtle update 2.2020.

Which way to go now? Leadership and other trend-setting topics in the new Bechtle update.

Datacenters in the age of the cloud.

In order to meet employees’ demands for adaptable work solutions while ensuring more flexibility and simple scalability, over the past few years, many companies have been turning to cloud systems. Does this make data centres obsolete or will there be a renaissance?

Digitisation will change all business areas.

The digital transformation is one of the greatest challenges for companies in recent years. For companies, it is important to take advantage of the positive aspects of digitization while at the same time fending off the dark sides.

XignSys and Bechtle: A vision for the digital administration.

Many of the things that required us to interact face to face with a council or government employee are increasingly carried out on our phones. To make this possible, users must be able to authenticate in a way that is both secure and intuitive. German IT security company XignSys equips public agencies with the technology to do just that, bundled with consulting services by Bechtle.

Digital Public Services are the future.

Digitization is a challenge for public administration. In order to determine the necessary measures, key decision-makers met in Berlin at the Digital State Congress in early March. Politics and administration must fundamentally realign themselves around public services.

Hello from Bonn!

Somehow, the city has slowly fallen off many people’s radars. The city on the river Rhine has a lot to offer, however, and this year is coming back into the limelight celebrating the 250th birthday of Beethoven—along with the 15th anniversary of Bechtle Bonn.

Smart country.

Powered by a digital era that enables people to connect to their work anywhere. As long as there’s a human connection, too. And there is. What people seek and sow, the budding networks and blooming villages, how the countryside is coming back to life, and where it’s already buzzing is all well worth a closer look. Because the rural revolution is well under way.

Firefighters’ eye in the sky.

Emergency services, particularly firefighters, are getting a significant boost to their capabilities in the form of Fotokite—a drone that collects aerial pictures of the seat of fires and transmits exact live images to the crews on the ground. The one-of-a-kind system was built with the SOLIDWORKS 3D CAD solution.

DACH Solution Provider of the Year: HPE honours Bechtle.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise announced the winners of the HPE Partner of the Year Awards 2020 at the virtual HPE Partner Growth Summit held from the 22 to 24 July. For the second year in a row, the award for Solution Provider of the Year for Germany, Austria and Switzerland went to Bechtle.

Two out of 11.955 – employees in portrait.

Frank Diers and Markus Speiser were tempted by the change in perspective: one was attracted by Bechtle as CIO to Fielmann, the other as Sales Manager to Autodesk. But both returned to Bechtle after some time. Here, the two managing directors explain why.

Two out of 11.955 – employees in portrait.

De Wereldreiziger primary school in Antwerp is special. It’s a meeting point for pupils with different backgrounds, interests, and learning levels. The introduction of Microsoft Surface Laptops into the school opens the door for tailored lessons that can respond to the children’s individual needs.

Münster training centre receives award for excellent customer orientation.

Top class: The Bechtle training centre in Münster was awarded the EATO Performance Award 2020 for customer orientation. This means that the training centre prevailed over all training companies in the German-speaking region.

The shining star of industry 4.0.

On a completely redesigned production line in Affalterbach, South Germany, Mercedes-AMG is building the peerless turbocharged four-cylinder M 139 engine. At the same time, the intelligently networked assembly process is setting the bar for the future of the industry.

Has a future. The latest tips from the Bechtle Crew.

Knowing in advance what is possible - or not. The Bechtle Crew's tips are available online, on paper and on the move. The future is everywhere. Are you with us?

Freshly hacked: The lifeblood for forensic teams.

In American series they call the CSI, in the UK they call in the socos (scene of crime officers).  In IT, they are some of the most-in-demand specialists both in investigative authorities and enterprises.

Resilience – The preventative security strategy.

In many areas of our lives, we take preventative steps to protect ourselves from accidents and illness. Cars are chock full of safety systems and sensors that shield us from injury and even cautious cyclists have a safeguard in the form of a helmet. So why take unnecessary risks when it comes to IT?

Bechtle experts support regional small businesses.

Three project days, 100 plus experts, and some 2,000 hours. The Gemeinsam für Morgen (Together for Tomorrow) initiative is ensuring that 11 regional SMEs get the digitalisation and motivational push they badly need.

Seeing each other despite social distancing.

With the ban on visitors in many facilities, the Josefs-Gesellschaft suddenly had to deal with new challenges. A great idea emerged from this situation—digital visits from relatives.

Quantum Dualism.

Quantum computers are arguably something to count on. When we’ll start using them may be anyone’s guess, but we do have an idea as to how.

Social Engineering.

Social engineering is a modern form of confidence trick in which attackers use lies and deception to gain the trust of individual employees and convince them to give them access to the corporate network. The only way to afford your business some kind of protection is by focussing on the weakest link in the chain: people. How does it work?

Bechtle’s IPO turns 20: “We pulled rabbits out of hats.”

Twenty years ago on 30 March 2000, Bechtle made its debut on the stock exchange. Stefan Sagowski and Uli Drautz were on the team that prepared the ground. In our interview, the two look back over an exciting and busy period. Both are clear that, without the IPO, Bechtle would look very different today.

Powerful communications solution for LÖWENROT High School.

One of the biggest steps taken in the battle against the coronavirus has been closing schools.  Introducing Cisco Webex as a video conference technology gives LÖWENROT High School in St. Leon-Rot the flexibility they need to quickly switch to virtual teaching in the event of extraordinary circumstances.

Waterproofing the cloud.

With no end of readily available services to choose from, the pull of the cloud is hard to escape. Software is deployed as a service in close to no time and fed with company data just as fast. And then you have to make sure it doesn’t start hailing trouble.

Bechtle Corporate Workspace for a next-level digital work experience.

Bechtle embraces a new digital workplace strategy to empower collaboration, streamline workflows, and elevate the employee experience. Built on Citrix technologies, the Bechtle Corporate Workspace is a modern environment that really drives the work style of today’s agile teams.

Digital communication solutions for educational institutions.

Bechtle supports educational institutions with professional, globally tried and tested collaboration tools and cost-neutral solutions for fast and secure use, opening more doors than ever.

Respiratory protection from the 3D printer.

How can we channel the expertise that exists in our organisation to help overcome the current crisis? Like many other businesses, the Bechtle Group’s 3D tech specialists with SolidLine were asking themselves that very question. Their answer was as creative as it was practical: We’ll make products that healthcare professionals need the most right now.

Ten tips for boosting your home office productivity.

Working from home can be incredibly practical, but it can also present a number of challenges. Sometimes it’s the lack of real office technology, more often it’s the lack of face time and coffee with the colleagues and the office atmosphere. Take a look at our 10 tips to make working from home a doddle.

Overcoming digital helplessness and protecting companies holistically.

In times of digitalization, it is important to avoid isolated solutions and instead take a holistic view of the security landscape in companies.

Bechtle und Governikus: Driving the digital administration.

Bechtle and Governikus are now strengthening their ties to deliver even more effective support for government agencies during their digital transformation.

A complete IT solution for Catholic schools in Augsburg.

A new data center was built for over 40 connected schools of the Schulwerk der Diözese Augsburg as the basis for a uniform infrastructure, which also enables wireless and always available Internet.

Hello from Karlsruhe!

There is no doubt that Karlsruhe is a powerhouse in the IT sector, where 4,400 companies, 10,000 students, 30,000 jobs and 10 start-up centres connected to the industry are at home. And let’s not forget, it was also the first German city to receive an e-mail on 2 August 1984. In other words, Karlsruhe is buzzing.

Hacking Food. Rethinking how we eat.

In their latest study, futurists at the Gottlieb Duttweiler Institute (GDI) in Switzerland have posed the question: What will our eating habits of tomorrow be? How will technological innovations disrupt food and our lifestyles, and how might they make the world a better place?

International Women's Day: How the world celebrates.

Hurray for our female colleagues! March 8 is a special day and since 2019 even a public holiday in the state of Berlin - International Women's Day. Around the world it is celebrated in very different ways, our female colleagues tell us how.

Spital Uster transforms IT use with a modern digital workspace concept.

Flexible access to applications from any end device, rapid workstation switches, and maximum security for sensitive patient data. The new digital workspace concept of the Spital Uster hospital opens up new opportunities for doctors, care staff, and management staff.

"If you cannot see it, you simply cannot fight it."

IT security doesn’t just mean preventing attacks from occurring, it also means being able to respond as quickly as possible if something does happen. Many companies rely on standalone solutions, which lead to delays. Comprehensive, modern security is the best way to get maximum protection.

Best in CLAAS Security

Together with Bechtle, CLAAS implemented IBM’s solution, QRadar SIEM, which aggregates security-related communication from connected systems, identifies threats in real time, and ensures the international group’s IT stays on the safe side.

Two out of 11,487 - employees in portrait.

There are many ways to reach a management position at Bechtle. Those who are specifically interested in leading employees and assuming responsibility in the future have a great opportunity with the Junior Management Programme. Sebastian Vassholz (36) and Sofia Psychogiou (31) took advantage of the opportunity.

How employees are shaping the future.

We’re right in the middle of a transformation to another way and a new understanding of work—in short: “The future of work”. The world of work as we know it will look very different in just a few years.

Ruth Wachelder named Channel Personality 2020.

30 January, Channel Awards, Brussels: Everybody who’s anybody in IT in Belgium put their hands together as Ruth Wachelder, Managing Director of Bechtle direct Belgium, put hers on the Channel Personality 2020 trophy.

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