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Stop surfing the waves of the web aimlessly, we’re here to give you some pointers. Earth-conscious, with a good book in your hands, a gripping podcast in your ears, and fresh ideas from the Bechtle Crew on your mind. Ready to set sail?

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Holidays 2.0.

Board a plane and your ecological footprint goes through the roof. A summer holiday in Spain? That’s 2,968 kg of carbon emissions for a family of four travelling from Frankfurt to Palma de Mallorca. Need a coffee to wake up? That’s another 2.12 kg. If you want to downsize your ecological shoe size, there are a number of carbon-offsetting projects out there to help you reduce your impact, such as treedom or atmosfair.

If you want to plan your holiday with a green mind from the start, you can find plenty of tips and offers for the environmentally-conscious traveller on bookitgreen and goodtravel. There’s also a trove of conservation-minded accommodation from B&Bs serving regional food to sustainable holiday homes.



Is this going anywhere?

From smart homes to flying taxis, the age of digital is churning out ideas to the sound of scratching heads. Who needs blockchain, anyway? How intelligent is AI, really? These are the kind of questions ZEIT ONLINE editors discuss with IT specialists, political scientists and other bright bulbs who shed some light on the things others are in the dark about.




Mobility on a leash.

If your phone fits in your pocket, you’re probably hanging on to an older generation. Modern smartphones are handy, fancy… and huge. Need your hands free? From casual and sporty to elegant, Xouxou has the accessories that put the cord back on the phone and cut you loose.



Looking for an exclusive bite to eat? From chocolate bars to barbecue sauce, Foodist is a cornucopia of unusual delectables. Treat yourself or others. In moderation. In themed boxes. Or with finger-licking subscriptions. Filters make it easy to shop for different diets and cravings, from organic, to vegan, to paleo, to soy-free. Go nuts! (Or crackers. Or bananas...)

Photo: © Johanna Berghorn, xouxou



Next Exit Future.

Empty. Refill. Clean. When Ranga Yogeshwar is last in line at his kitchen coffee maker, instead of joe there’s always chores. But the tables turn when a broken coffee machine becomes a mirror for the world we inhabit. Digital revolution. Genetic engineering. Artificial intelligence. The physicist and science journalist shares his point of view on the future and explores what’s here to stay, what will change, and what these changes will do to us. And he finds surprisingly easy answers to the complex questions of our time. A good addition to your nightstand. Published by Kiepenheuer & Witsch.





Back of the net!

If you like to while away some time playing on your phone every once in a while, and you like football, then Dream League Soccer is for you. It’s fun to play on a phone or tablet, has great graphics, all sorts of divisions and cups to win, and real-life players shrunk to fit on your screen. Almost as good as the real deal.


TooGoodToGo helps you find restaurants, bakeries and other places near you that let you save perfectly delicious surplus food for a slashed price rather than let it go to waste. Simply log on and get saving now.

Foto:  © TooGoodToGo

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Published on Oct 18, 2019.