Bechtle trialling smart gloves.

A new type of glove has made it even easier to scan barcodes by simply making a fist, then pressing together your thumb and pointer. Bechtle wanted to see just how much time this new wearable could save, so it’s testing it in the Group’s logistics centre in Neckarsulm. Since March 2018, employees working in the receiving department have been using the novel technology to scan barcodes on delivery notes, documents and labels. And their feedback has been quite positive.

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Bechtle's warehouse employees now have a more efficient way of working – literally at their fingertips – thanks to the ProGlove, a combination glove and scanner. Instead of constantly putting down and picking up handheld scanners, employees are able to transition directly from one task to the next. At about 2,500 scans per shift, that translates into significant time savings.

The actual scanner, which is the size of a matchbox, is fitted to the back of the glove. It sends the scanned data wirelessly to an access point, from where they continue on to the warehouse management system. Employees participating in the trial phase are impressed with the glove, especially its light weight and fast scan speeds. In future, Bechtle plans to expand the use of this latest wearable to other areas such as the shipping department. Smart glasses, which feature augmented-reality technology, have been used to pick small parts in the warehouse since late 2015.


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Published on Mar 12, 2019.