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Remarketing is all the rage.
Second-hand has long been acceptable, vintage is the latest trend in furniture and clothing, sustainability is a widely debated subject in the business world and used hardware has even lost its negative image in the IT industry. No wonder then that there are an ever-growing number of providers competing on the market. Andreas Lenzing, Managing Director of Bechtle Remarketing GmbH since 2012, discusses the benefits for customers and current business developments.

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Bechtle Remarketing offers life cycle management and sustainable IT products.

Bechtle Remarketing GmbH is headquartered in Wesel, Germany and is a specialist in life cycle management of IT equipment in the Bechtle Group. Alongside the purchase and sale of IT hardware, Bechtle Remarketing guarantees residual values, ensures secure data erasure and recycles or disposes of unusable parts in co-operation with an on site waste management company. If required by the customer, Bechtle Remarketing coordinates logistics processes, the rollback of legacy devices plus the roll out of new goods in co-operation with other Bechtle units. Bechtle Remarketing is backed by specialist Bechtle Group teams across Europe—and worldwide if required.

Herr Lenzing, in the IT industry, the term remarketing has become synonymous with the sustainable handling of IT articles. What’s behind the concept? 

These days, the terms Remarketing and Used IT represent so much more than its original meaning and covers a whole host of sustainability topics. From hardware recycling and appropriate disposal of individual parts to secure data erasure, remarketing covers a product's entire lifecycle. The expression dates back to the 1990s, when used but fully functional hardware was simply sold on. Over time, the market has not only recognised the industry’s potential, but has also met external demands for more responsibility for people, resources, the environment and data security.


How does Bechtle Remarketing GmbH fulfil these requirements?

We offer our customers a very sustainable range, which includes economical and secure solutions for the marketing of second-hand IT equipment. but also the recycling and professional disposal of individual parts that are no longer required as it is of particular importance to me that customer details remain in-house. We have set up a secure data deletion process that we regularly document through information security certification standards according to ISO 27001.


Which products are in the spotlight?

We don’t just focus on small parts, PCs, notebooks and monitors, but also servers and storage systems and mobile end devices that still have a lot to give. 

Andreas Lenzing, Managing Director Bechtle Remarketing GmbH

What happens to the products after the data on them has been erased?

We first of all test the device and if it's still in top working order, we offer them for global resale. It’s not just end customers who are interested in these devices, but also a growing number of business customers. In this way, we have equipped a TV channel, which only needed IT equipment for a specific sports event and, therefore, for only a very short period of time.


And what about the devices that can no longer be used? 

These devices are broken down into their constituent parts and then either resold, recycled or professionally disposed of, depending on the materials. In Germany, this process is clearly regulated by the recycling laws and waste management act. The aims of both laws are the avoidance, utilisation and professional disposal of waste and the careful use of natural resources. It’s therefore essential that we work with a waste disposal contractor on site. As well as plastic, devices contain a lot of valuable materials such as gold, copper and rare earths, which can be re-used.


How else do customers benefit?

We price up the customer’s inventory of devices, which means that they receive an amount in line with the market. We don’t just take on the return of the legacy devices, but work together with our colleagues in the various Bechtle systems integrators to offer strategic advice and the rollout of the new devices required. We, of course, also take care of logistics. Our services span the entire life cycle of the IT product and therefore contribute to the careful use of resources, environmental protection and data security without neglecting commercial requirements.

For which customers are remarketing products and services of particular interest?

For all customers, broadly speaking. They can take advantage of either comprehensive support or individual services. Some only want us to delete data from the device, others are just interested in refurbished devices or would like to combine new and used products—whatever they are looking for, they all benefit from a suitable offer from Bechtle Remarketing.


How well does used hardware tend to perform?

“Used” doesn’t tell us anything about age or performance. I like to use cars as an example. Off-lease and one-year-old used cars are quite interesting for a large group of consumers, so Daimler likes to play around with how it names them according to their age, referring to their used cars as young stars. There are a large number of customers who lease their PCs, notebooks and printers, and so replace them regularly.


Your industry has seen a significant upswing in the last few months. What do you think is behind that?

We are experiencing an increasing awareness within society about sustainable living and business—young people are striking for their future and climate protection on Fridays and a growing number of packaging-free shops are opening their doors Last but not least, The European Union’s Corporate Social Responsibility guidelines set requirements in the areas of the environment, society, human rights, information security and anti-corruption for companies in the member states. The switch from Windows 7 to Windows 10 is also playing a role. Some of our customers still need systems that are compatible with Windows 7, or they have a fully-functioning server that needs a spare part which can no longer be bought new. It’s these customers who turn to the second-hand market.

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