Experiencing the modern workplace.
More and more companies are embarking upon projects to modernise their workplace. This is driven not only by rapidly changing technology, but also by the shifting values and expectations of current and potential employees. Collaboration, knowledge management and mobility are becoming increasingly prominent factors. In addition, work processes are being designed to be more flexible, collaborative, efficient and global. Anyone looking for insight into the cutting-edge technology that defines the workplace of the future will find it in Bechtle’s demo rooms, located at six sites, including Dortmund.

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Metalomat long ago transitioned to this ultra-modern world. A hidden champion, this company is well known for the high quality of its innovative products. It also applies stringent quality standards to its workplace because only the latest technologies will attract and retain the best engineers on the market. Customers, too, need to be shown that Metalomat’s quality is a cut above the rest. Metalomat’s IT infrastructure supports its strategic requirements with a hybrid approach. In addition to its own data centre, the company leverages cloud services. Metalomat is light-years ahead of many other companies who have yet to embrace the latest IT solutions boosting efficiency and improving collaboration in everyday work.


But if you google Metalomat, don’t be surprised if your search turns up empty. That’s because Bechtle made it up to exemplify a company that has already overcome the challenges that so many customers are currently facing. Bechtle uses it to demonstrate, through various scenarios, how employees can collaborate round the clock, no matter where they are or which device they prefer: PC, thin client, notebook, tablet or smartphone. Workers need to know they can access data and services from the company’s data centre at the same time as their colleagues—and that’s exactly what the modern workplace enables.

“Our fictitious company, Metalomat, allows us to illustrate use cases live for our customers and tailor them to specific situations. Our ‘workplace of the future’ is equipped with collaboration and client solutions from leading manufacturers. Before meeting with a customer, we conduct an online conference to define their expectations and figure out together what we want to demonstrate,” says Andreas Eull, Head of Sales for SMEs at the Bechtle IT systems integrator in Dortmund.


The workplace of the future is here.

Its IT architecture is based on a market-standard hybrid data centre infrastructure. “Our environments are constantly being updated so that we’re always presenting the latest technology. We don’t want to give our customers a presentation on something that might only be possible sometime in the future. Instead, our demo rooms showcase functional solutions for everyday use that are available today. They serve as a blueprint for specific requirements—even enabling a turnkey installation sourced from a single provider,” explains Mr Eull.


The demo rooms in Dortmund opened in March 2018 and interest has been strong, with some five workshops taking place every month. Mr Eull continues, “We show how different solutions from a variety of manufacturers work together in real life. Then we develop a customised target design. There are many reasons why companies and public-sector customers want to bring their workplace up to speed. Some are looking to offer their employees a modern work environment or to boost teamwork efficiency. Others want to digitalise their processes to edge out the competition, appeal to potential employees or strategically implement a modern workplace as part of a general office overhaul.”

From a workshop to a future-ready workplace.


Many people are involved in designing a workplace equipped for the future, including Bechtle’s account managers, IT business architects, IT consultants and topical experts. The customer’s senior management, IT managers, specialist departments and even special working groups make up the rest. “Up to eight managers from both companies will devote an entire day to the modern workplace workshop. That’s quite an investment. But because of the thought-provoking discussions they are able to have with our experts, they consider it time well spent,” explains Mr Eull.


The demo room creates an example workplace from a representative selection of IT products. Visitors can experience, through real-life scenarios, how different types of employees work together. Products and solution options are assessed together, resulting in a plan for a modern workplace that is founded on collaboration, knowledge management and mobility. Digital services such as WebEx and cloud-based file sharing services are included, as well as business intelligence applications and document management systems. This approach clearly illustrates how the ability to use new technology can become a key factor of business success.


“If a customer wants to meet again after the individual workshop to address individual topics more in depth or to begin a project—we see this as confirmation that we’ve got the right idea with our approach,” says Mr Eull.

Your Bechtle account manager will help you find the quickest way to your workplace of the future, putting you in touch with the right expert in our team. Schedule an on-site meeting in one of our demo rooms in Köln, Dortmund, Hamburg, Karlsruhe, Mannheim or Neckarsulm. You can also send us a short e-mail, including your signature, to zukunftsstarker-arbeitsplatz@bechtle.com .


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Published on Jun 17, 2019.