The Bechtle Corporate Workspace at Citrix Synergy.

Power up your notebook and away you go—any time, from anywhere, with all data and services available as you’d expect. This is how you imagine modern working to be, and this is exactly how a working day at Bechtle is. How Bechtle’s digital workplace solutions, based on Citrix Workspace, work and their benefits for both employees and IT were outlined by Marco Stalder, Team Leader Citrix Workspace Services at Bechtle, at Citrix Synergy—a conference that attracted 4,100 visitors to the World Congress Center in Atlanta, USA at the end of May.

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An informal chat on stage, a podcast, video interview and a journalists’ round table: Marco Stalder was very much in demand at the Citrix fair. Being responsible for the technical side of the Bechtle Corporate Workspace project, he was able to answer questions about the group-wide introduction of Citrix Workspace. It’s an ambitious project which has been fully rolled out in 26 Bechtle business units in 12 countries since it began back in 2017, with some of the solution’s services already being accessed by nearly all 84 Bechtle locations.


Using virtual apps and desktops, the Bechtle Corporate Workspace follows the “any device, anywhere, any network” principle to create a working environment that perfectly meets the needs of closely networked teams—even if they span different countries or companies within the Bechtle Group. “Each employee can use their preferred end device to access applications and data in the same simple and user-friendly way we all know from static workstations”, explains Marco Stalder.


There are even more benefits to the workplace solution for the IT department as they can co-ordinate and manage program performance in the background. “This means that IT integrations—which have been a constant of Bechtle’s corporate strategy—can be standardised and implemented promptly”, says Marco Stalder. The most important point is that “we are in a position to guarantee the highest security standards with the crucial difference being that employees can continue their work without interruptions.”


Deeper insights into the Bechtle Corporate Workspace can be found in the podcast and video. 


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Bechtle future-proofs 70+ business locations by focusing on user experience and adoption.


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Published on Jul 8, 2019. Update on Jul 8, 2019.