Singled out: Sabine Single is IT Woman of the Year.

Spanning ranks and professions, the Women’s IT Network—WIN for short—is a forum for female leaders in IT. Together with Vogel IT-Medien, the organisation presents the annual IT Women of the Year award. Sabine Single, Managing Director for Bechtle Hosting & Operations, received the gold award for her outstanding performance in the category Leadership CxO.

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When Sabine Single took the stage in Frankfurt’s Villa Kennedy to collect her award, her eyes were presented with a rare sight indeed: 200 women managers, experts, entrepreneurs—the female faces of success in IT—were gathered here on 28 November 2019. “It was really something else. Incredible,” says Sabine Single—no stranger to the big stage, incidentally.


85 business drivers and innovators had been nominated to take home an IT Woman of the Year award in a variety of categories: Start-up, Young Leader, Business Innovation, Digital Transformation, Technical Innovation, Leadership – Executive Manager/CxO, Team Leader, Outstanding Diversity Commitment and Social Engagement.


It is her exemplary brand of leadership that accelerates business with a positive twist that has earned Sabine Single the Leadership CxO award in gold. “I’m excited to have won this award. For myself, but even more so for Bechtle. I will accept it in lieu of all the strong and successful women at Bechtle,” she says. 

Photos: Vogel IT-Akademie


Far from just recognising past achievements, the award is very much a look ahead. “It is important to show the world that women are driving exciting and critical projects in IT and delivering a significant share in the success of their companies so we can inspire, motivate and support young female talent,” says Sabine Single.


There’s one piece of advice in particular that the experienced manager wants to give up-and-coming leaders: “Stay true to your style, cut your own path, and be a bold asset for your business.” So what’s key to taking the lead in the future? Sabine Single has a clear-cut answer to that: “To be a team player, to work with others, and to embrace individual strength.”  


The awards show wraps up the WIN Congress with a vibrant party. On the guest list: women only. The event was all about networking and discussing the opportunities and challenges for moving ahead, both on a professional and personal level. Keynotes by Andrea Martin (IBM) and Claudia Plattner (DB Systel) offered an outlook on innovative technology that will alter the way we experience the future, while a panel discussion featuring Ilka Friese and Anja Oberhofer (NTT DATA), Matilda von Gierke (Zalvus), Susanne Tischmann (ÖAMTC) and Silke Lisner (Deutsche Börse) explored Future Leadership, Employer Branding & Women Empowerment in IT. Think tanks and roundtables took up many other current industry topics, with some tackling one of the most important ones: leadership and the future.


It is important to show the world that women are driving exciting and critical projects in IT and delivering a significant share in the success of their companies so we can inspire, motivate and support young female talent.

Sabine Single, Managing Director at Bechtle Hosting & Operations


Sabine Single in our video: 

“I made my biggest dream come true during a sabbatical that allowed me to travel the world and work for various social projects. I think it’s incredibly important to nurture a sense of purpose in people.


To be authentic as a woman in a male-dominated industry is a challenge every day. But to stay true to yourself, to do it your way, I believe that is paramount. And I am proud that I am and I do.


The most important things in my life are my health, my freedom, and of course the people I love—my husband, my family, my closest friends. Spending time with the people I hold near and dear makes me happy. I also love to travel. 


Fitting all the things we want to do into the day is a challenge for all of us, and I’m no exception. I’m a Managing Director by profession, I make art on the side … Then there’s family, friends, a lot of things to reconcile. Sound planning, good timing and setting things up so you can get them out of the way while you’re driving all go a long way in getting it done. We’re lucky to have such advanced technology to help us make our lives easier.


I don’t consider the award a recognition of my own achievements per se. It’s really an award for Bechtle—the women at Bechtle—because I think it’s incredibly important to have more women want to take the reins. We can do it. Bechtle is built around the freedom to be creative. I can only call on all women to join us.


I think it’s important to listen, to put the right people in the right place, to embrace individual strength—to harness the array of strengths you have in your team. And it’s also important to lead by asking questions, to empower others to be successful. Sometimes you just have to step aside a bit as a leader and let your team succeed its own way.”

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Published on Dec 2, 2019.