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A woodland for a better future.
Climate protection can be child’s play. Just planting one tree is a help. Of course, the more the better. Why not a whole woodland? And because this would be difficult in your own garden, Bechtle and ARP have joined the HP woodland project. 20,000 newly planted trees are growing into an impressive woodland over an area of 46,000 square metres in areas of Saxony, eastern Germany, in cooperation with the climate protection organisation, Primaklima. Bechtle and ARP are supporting the campaign by planting a total of 2,500 trees—a truly long-term project that is making the future a little bit better.

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The thousands of delicate saplings need a good 50 years to form a real woodland which will remain standing indefinitely. A truly sustainable enterprise. The HP Supplies Aktion, in which a tree is planted in the woodland for every order of €200 or higher, has been running since Autumn 2018 and includes a tree certificate for the customer if they would like one. 


It’s all made possible by the non-profit organisation, Primaklima, which has been working for over 26 years for the protection and increase of woodlands and, in the process of doing so, has planted more than  13.5 million trees. “Reforestation projects are as simple as they are inspired. By contributing to them, we can all easily take responsibility for the climate in an ”, says Lars Forjahn, managing director of Primaklima. “We are thrilled that the subject of forestry protection is increasingly becoming the focus of attention at companies such as Bechtle as well as in international climate politics:”


The newly planted woodland offsets some 6 tonnes of CO2 annually. Indigenous trees such as the Cornish oak, sycamore and Scots elm are used to reforest former agricultural areas and are complemented with shrubs such as common dogwood, hazelnut, common hawthorn, spindle trees and dog roses. This creates an eco-system that provides a new habitat for numerous bird and insect species. Furthermore, the woodland acts as flood protection as its soil can absorb large amounts of water.


Around 1,000 trees still need to be planted before we reach our goal and customers can support the campaign until the end of June 2019. 


“As an IT service provider, we strive every day to deliver added value for our customers. With this joint woodland, we hope to thank our customers for their loyalty while promoting climate protection.”


Matthias Drescher, Managing Director, Bechtle ÖA direct

“Environmental-friendliness has to be embodied in daily life, not just talked about. It therefore went without saying that ARP would take part in HP’s campaign. Our partner, HP, has been successfully doing its bit for the environment for many years. A fact which is clearly underscored by its current woodland campaign: In accordance with the proverb “as you sow, so shall you reap”, we are creating a woodland that is going to make life for us and future generations worth living.“


Thomas Debus, Marketing Manager, ARP Germany 

“Sustainability and active climate protection are very close to our hearts at HP. We are especially happy that, with this campaign, we are able to make an important contribution to environmental protection alongside our partners and end customers.


Simon Ege, Supplies Sales Manager Germany & Austria, HP Germany

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Published on Apr 25, 2019.